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Simple Glass Clear by Amleto

  Simple Glass Clear by Amleto by Amleto74

Category Transparent
Date 2009-01-19 18:41:45
Rendertime 00:05:45
System Intel Quad-4 Gb Ram-NVidia GForce 9800
Vray version 1.50.SP2
3dsmax version 2009 sp1
Comment Simple Glass Clear

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CGAART41 wrote: thanks

reginadim wrote: thanks

faizynigga wrote: Dope

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

ciel313 wrote: nice

ayah89 wrote: thanks

huynhanhnhat wrote: hehhee

onurbalistic wrote: THANKS

pedrão wrote: I cant load any material to my v-ray for sketchup. Is it because of my version is 2.0 ?

pedrão wrote: I cant load any material to my v-ray for sketchup. Is it because of my version is 2.0 ?

SaksokaBoy wrote: is it not in vismat extension ?!

Patricialinda22 wrote: AMEI

albasensio90 wrote: thanks

antonymatubis wrote: nice

antonymatubis wrote: wyaubn

antonymatubis wrote: bAIUnt8

renatodep wrote: Thank you!

ybg_1968 wrote: fantastic material

piamdicn wrote: good

martinpelcl wrote: why bubbles? :)

alucardking wrote: good

lucasts wrote: There is no image file, except this preview.

lebkobnaja wrote: good

gabisu42 wrote: 8

renderice wrote: perfect

javadalert wrote: nice

meldon wrote: this mateirals its perfect

meldon wrote: this mateirals its perfect

oldskoolflash wrote: Glass is one of the hardest materials to get to look right - this one is perfect - many thanks!

alkayreem wrote: thank you :)

ghernandez wrote: Muchas gracias por el material

MiguelMena wrote: Great

doaldo wrote: thanks!!

olamax wrote: Thanks!!Simple and very useful!;))

zippofreak wrote: very nice.. thanks

rohy wrote: great mat

cri27786 wrote: thank uuuuuu

0916694 wrote: keep it up.

Aah wrote: Thank You Very Much !!! Allah Bless you !!!

nofearcan wrote: THANK YOU

jsv wrote: Thank you

lek_akindo wrote: thank you!!

porfavor wrote: muy bueno lo necesitaba

dj_isaco wrote: gracias

artroland wrote: great job!

eloisak wrote: ótimo

illuminati86 wrote: Finally! A great great material!

bioxide wrote: cool

vm_plav wrote: Very nice!Thanx

gardener wrote: Thanks buddy

bender06 wrote: lovely, but why does it turn everything behind it in a green tint? anyone can help me please?

rageouz wrote: Looks neat!! Thanx

luuc wrote: verry good

alvarogarridoz wrote: Excelente, justo como el vidrio real, hasta dentro de subobject materials!

kiranpatil165 wrote: good

funkyf wrote: nice work

rborysov wrote: gool

azizsiddig wrote: it looks good but i have to try it first.

applebear186 wrote: good

ondrejtobola wrote: My V-ray will only allow me to import materials in .vismat format...can anyone give me any advice on how to import .mat ??

brhinrichsen wrote: Pretty good the material, but i wonder ¿Why it open a bunch of non material balls?

ma200400 wrote:

juanjoarq wrote: Thank you!!!

e.R.s wrote: THANX A LOT!!! ^^

fd-poison wrote: thank u man a lot

slipdiegoknot wrote: from a side it looks very good but when i rendered my whole scene i got different colours hmm

mikemorales wrote: thanks for this site thanks for the materials good aport

renegade wrote: 10!!!

artitaya wrote: thanks

rafanox wrote: excellent material, very good for the cristal window

decorex wrote: ok

zung85 wrote: Thanks a lot :)

beakbeat wrote: Thanks, for the glass...

phon1999 wrote: So hot

uknow wrote: very nice

coucoulenn wrote: nice

patifontana wrote: nice mat! :)

Heuptling wrote: Useful indeed. I've been looking for it )

vitty wrote: cristal

primacad wrote: simple but very useful..thank's

primacad wrote: simple but very useful..thank's

humooo wrote: :))))))

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