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  silver by Xupypr_

Category Metal
Date 2008-12-30 10:11:59
Rendertime 00:04:20
System 3 Ghz, 4 Gb RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP1
3dsmax version 2008
Comment simple silver

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Fran2191 wrote: Gracias, muy bueno.

ciel313 wrote: Thank you

alexajaninesamantha wrote: Thanks

promzii wrote: Thx.

chiarabene wrote: where is silver?

devil_777 wrote: TY

f1_senna wrote: thnk u

kokuw wrote: thanx

schreck wrote: cheers mate

UzMaN wrote: thanks

shah009 wrote: awesome!!!!

Alanfederico wrote: GRACIIAS!!

Baran19OP wrote: Silver paint is at the bottom. Name is weird but silver.

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

Famil wrote: full mat

Fredex wrote: The entire scene was saved to this library so there's about a hundred materials I neither need nor want.

alicanelagoz wrote: Thank you!

jaxsebastien wrote: great


neonzg wrote: thnx man

Dipl0 wrote: Silver is last in material lib. Russian name is "серебро"

lupin4 wrote: thank you great website

goranko wrote: thanks

goranko wrote: thanks

meethot wrote: thanks

paruyan wrote: nice silver

Chechen04 wrote: Just Fake !!!

jfgiroux wrote: Same as most people, can't find the silver in all these materials ... wich one is it?

ob3ron wrote: I don't get this, there is no silver in the .mat file, yey ppl are rating this with a 10. FAKE!

mastervrayz wrote: So beautiful!

zloybuhoy wrote: SSAFRDYHRT

Mudstomper wrote: Nothing simple about it.....where is it? Everything but silver...... render material looks great.

0916694 wrote: nice one

papapitufo wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

naught000 wrote: thanks

insomnio13 wrote: really nice!

font wrote: NO SILVER

omoomo wrote: cool very cool

kolo wrote: like cromed plastic?

DRAK0N wrote: NO SILVER!!!

e.hidalgo.DTec wrote: ta la raja

damm wrote: I can't find the silver material.

Sniffer wrote: No SILVER in your MatLib !!!

tfe2012 wrote: Nice material

llexx wrote: thanks

atticus wrote: thanks man! this one is great!

Edward wrote: What's the name of your material ? You save you complete material bank... And i can't find it ...

guifodao wrote: muito bom

luckysaqi wrote: a very nice material

ignats13 wrote: Молодец, Док! Спасибки!

sasa_ce wrote: спасибо хирург, родина не забудет !

ghost13 wrote: looks fantastic but there is such a large mtl library and I can find the one that recreates this beautiful effect

Maastm wrote: thanks

rmie wrote: good.........thank

aomarch wrote: gg

fintara wrote: You are the best material maker for silver and gold :) Bravo!

giannakis wrote: thats good

toroya wrote: yes!!!

kagetogi wrote: Its a great job very well

shiftdelete wrote: :D thanks

horipoi wrote: cool!

bikadini wrote: This is so nice :)

mudassir wrote: i was in search of a nice silver material.thanks a lot to this community.

quasarhasan wrote: nice one

alex39 wrote: cool

clashoverlaw wrote: cool


S.Riddick wrote: I can see so many materials but no silver anywhere!

vanarebane wrote: Check your material package!

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