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  porfido.abanico+grass by esteban08

Category Stone
Date 2008-12-15 15:43:49
Rendertime 00:10:56
System intel dual core + 4gbram
Vray version 1.50
3dsmax version 2009
Comment porfido en abanico + displacement + grass

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kolder wrote: its awesome yaar

flash_amr wrote: thank you

antonceballos wrote: danke :)

Mykal_10 wrote: Looks Great

nandotirado wrote: thankssss

javitoper wrote: Good

manololamadrid wrote: ok

renatocevallos wrote: wow me gusta como el cesped sobresale entre las piedras

khorev12345 wrote: Thanx a lot

xiuranlin wrote: very good !!!!!!!!!

sniperdamnz wrote: NICEEEE

Rafa_m_t wrote: bien

gordonako wrote: 7

aimarlima wrote: bagus ,

Banano wrote: se ve muy bien :) aunque no se como se aplican :( mientras 10

huzefa wrote: Thanks for your effort... 9 points

marjuan1127 wrote: 3

code515c4 wrote: thanks

origins wrote: i guess it was done with inch digit , mine ic cm and it dont render the same , any quick fix for this?

patricia9769 wrote: Impresionante

stigerfroid wrote: magnifico!

larysant wrote: really helpful

larysant wrote: really helpful

Muuf wrote: No se muy bien que significa "Porfido en abanico" pero me encanta el material... Lo utilizare seguro en algun proyecto.

niksam wrote: very ive grass effect

niksam wrote: very ive grass effect

alxemy wrote: Hi everybody. This material donĀ“t work in my vray version (1.50) -Invalid file only partially loaded- Anybody can say me why happen?

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