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  pavement_grass by lanterna

Category Stone
Date 2008-12-08 00:46:08
Rendertime 00:12:55
System intel core 2 duo 1,8 ghz 3 gigs of ram
Vray version 1.5 RC5
3dsmax version 9
Comment arc pavement with a little grass here and there. diffuse maps are taken from elsewhere, but royalty free!.other maps made by me.

in the archive there is also a version with more dents on the rocks.


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Remochii116 wrote: thank u

apicula wrote: thx :)

Nii_Okai wrote: Thanks!

eduardofeliu wrote: the best

tung.chau wrote: like that :d

omarpinha wrote: Real good material

godfrey1992 wrote: good

Yorgue wrote: Very nice texture! Congratulations

CeciliaTallis wrote: Thank You!

vaanderville7 wrote: thanks good job!

javadalert wrote: good

reginald44 wrote: good full thanks

StarFury wrote: Thanks lanterna! Such a realistic displacement of rocks!

uturn wrote: nice

carlosmachado wrote: thanks...

Petrus wrote: Good material, but I can not do a good displacement of grass between the tiles, you used a vraydisplacementmod with a composite material? Thank you.

iammohan wrote: Best!!!

rhoup wrote: nice,,

drokolesko wrote: Great job!

ianto wrote: gooddddddddddddd

bulbade wrote: please write how to have it like here in the pic.i coulnt add grass,getting mad !!

bulbade wrote: please write how to have it like here in the pic.i coulnt add grass,getting mad !!

tomatoman wrote: nicely done!

thitapet wrote: Very useful!!!

PARANYOO wrote: good grass

surendran wrote: thanks

lanterna wrote: Dwaindibley - sorry dude - somebody gave me the link to the maps; i didn't see the name. i've mentioned that i've taken the maps. my apologies sir ! in the end this got to be a team effort :D. my credits go to dwaindibley!

Dwaindibley wrote: well the difuse maps are made by me, I myself spend a lot time making it tileable in photoshop...maybe you´ve taken them from my material here...so why not...looks better with the grass...but you might mention me :D

daxiongji wrote: very very good good good

juancho_lagarto wrote: Nice material. Im having some problems with it when my camera makes more horizontals shots, like if there was a displacement of 0,5 meters grass. When they are verticals good renders. Someome any idea how to resolve this?

lanterna wrote: thanks for the comments guys. kino, i know what you're saying, there are bazaltic rocks that do reflect. but please feel free to tweak the material and post it here again . i have absolutely no problem :D

kino wrote: Highlight has too much specular for rough stone IMO.

william2528 wrote: QUE BUEN ATERIAL

waRp_ wrote: awesomee!

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