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 BMW logo

  BMW logo by Vilman

Category Automotive
Date 2008-11-16 21:24:30
Rendertime 00:03:41
System Intel Core2Quad 2400mhz
Vray version SP2
3dsmax version 2009
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irfanulhaq wrote: awesome material

Lifer092 wrote: Awesome! Fantastic material!

Vilman wrote: essoltane Петух долбанный.

renderizer wrote: Very good

zombiee wrote: nice

phambaohoa wrote: very nice

Frienddesign wrote: thanks

RodC wrote: Really Neat. Thanks

cybervpnet wrote: Ахренеть работка! Развернул Эктив Слот и стало плохо! Этож какими эксперементами такое слепить то можно? РЕСПЕКТИЩЕ! Грубо сказать вахуе!

raullanga wrote: awesomeeee!!!

rmie wrote: good

mwangi wrote: 4 points

Vilman wrote: Narkotik Пожалуйста , братан!

Narkotik wrote: thanks

akiklapute wrote: I love it !

soljarag wrote: nevermind, i found a workaround

soljarag wrote: for some reason its only showing the letters if they have a reflection on them.... is there any way to change that? http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/1118/bmwlogots8.jpg

soljarag wrote: whoa!!!! this will look great on my Z3 model... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

waRp_ wrote: Very good.. Say where you from Vilman??

miweiler wrote: Great Procedural...

Vilman wrote: Weedboss thank you for your coment

Weedboss wrote: @Flatshader and Astorias The material is all about the Logo. It's a Procedural BMW Logo which is made incredibly good and talking about the carpaint is nonsense

Flatshader wrote: dunno what are you voting for guys? Not even close to a 10 for me.

Astorias wrote: OK now... A blendmaterial for the bmw-Logo... nice one but not more than a 8 for me. The carpaint is not that good I think, there are a lot better ones here.... so I give a 6 overall.

jreben wrote: looks good, thanks!

Vilman wrote: There are many carpaint materials on this site and this is not interesting.

Vilman wrote: There are many carpaint materials on this site and this is not interesting.

mr oy wrote: sweeeeet!!!

dmordred wrote: the metal interests me more than the logo, good work on that

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