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 Strawberry Fruit

  Strawberry Fruit by capp

Category Food
Date 2006-09-09 17:45:31
Rendertime 01:01:05
System max8,
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment a photorealistic fully procedural strawberry shader !!! might look better in other enviroments. dont forget to drag the displacement-map into the displacement-modifier.
no textures where used . had a lot of fun making this material, and will try to make other procedural food in the future.

have fun

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vcejasha wrote: thnx

3dbook wrote: thank you

istrstar wrote: thanks

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

Sinterklaas wrote: wow very real

sipir wrote: thanx

kobatake wrote: Thank you!

tedjcom wrote: dont work

SAHIL wrote: nice

hosikk wrote: thanks

caglart wrote: delicious. well done

supengruen wrote: great!

amritbhui wrote: good

meodenemr wrote: thank you, it's very lovely

relxel wrote: Iu

realbigdipper wrote: beautiful!

aliandart wrote: nice :)

fratermalou wrote: i'ts a 10, amazing. Guys open mat in the slate material editor of 3dsmax and the displacement gradient map will appear, just drag it un the vray displace mod (check the 3D mode box)

FastLife wrote: In the comments above you say, "don't forget to drag the displacement-map into the displacement-modifier". What displacement map are you talking about, when I downloaded the material there was only a single file called "strawberry_fruit.mat"

waynelang2001 wrote: could i ask where the displacment map is for this material. Im new to vray so be gentle...

xoeluiz wrote: esta realismo

mono-0 wrote: like

petermicro wrote: Cool

rafaploc wrote: impactante, genial para configurar interiores con aspecto natural

duong8x wrote: 10

mrkevinht wrote: nice

freddyagostini wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Rodisegn wrote: Perfect for my new proyect

skinnysanta wrote: wow

maz mung wrote: 9

julhas07 wrote: could anybody shame me something? How i use 2008 vray material in max 2011?

afpera wrote: great one!

makz90 wrote: how to apply that material to by so bumby like here?

ppuing_ppuing wrote: berry good:)

drakulaboy wrote: funny material

sadd wrote: veryyy gooood

uturn wrote: cool

zippofreak wrote: very very nice!

johnnywyd wrote: Just use

Elleangel wrote: 10

gobbar wrote: ^^

J4747 wrote: So good

echohy2004 wrote: 10

lioxa wrote: great thanks

wenane wrote: very nice thanks

depechef (BANNED) wrote: looks nice but not realistic

mihaius wrote: great material, mostly for the fact that it's procedural

jodapiento wrote: worth every minute of rendering! ;)

Costa3Dart1 wrote: too slow only 4 prisoners sorry man

stoengine wrote: great

mamuco wrote: =)

Need_Help wrote: Once again, this material is perfect ;) (and it's procedural!)

red angel wrote: duhet te jete i mire perderisa keni shkruar kaq shume ,kur ta provoje do jua them.ok?bye bye

Archaine wrote: @Author - Really smart the combinations of the procedurals, congrats @Viktorius - You have to unwrap your Strawberry model, and make it flat, try to put the material on a plane it will help @Entaro - The displace and bump also are deactivated in the materials slots, browse it and look at the "Maps" section, check both Disp and Bump, try it out ;)

Teadux wrote: Nice one! It's impressive u did this with no maps :)

Entaro wrote: Great material but displace dosent work for me and it loks flat. Somone have any advice how to fix it?

Viktorius wrote: What mapping type is needed for this awesom material?

Viktorius wrote: What mapping type is needed for this awesom material?

Viktorius wrote: What mapping type is needed for this awesom material?

rincon13 wrote: awsome

TS75 wrote: incredible

orbx wrote: Superb.

ravennome wrote: This is an awesome material. My only question is how do I get the displacement to work. I added a Displace Modifier and used Existing Materiel for mapping and dragged over the Displacement map. It seems to work sort of, but I'm not getting the bulging near the bottom ring its seems as though the test scene doesn't have the right mapping setup, which doesn't seem right.

joe_2008 wrote: thank

alepietra wrote: looks a lil bit glassy.. like a glass strawberry.. but still looks awesome!

erickaustria wrote: Sweeet!! i love it

Davidphoto wrote: Nice man!!!!!!!!!!!

gump548 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Genius!

zebestov wrote: Nice! I removed the reflection on a pips. Now it's Very Nice!

Jimfr wrote: Very nice

bertolidesign wrote: strepitouuuusssooo


qwon wrote: good material

capp wrote: @iguazzo read my comments

lguazzo wrote: Hi, something to help me. This material change in my render. The bump not run. The render is plane.

emersonsilva wrote: no words!!

tirso777 wrote: love it

me3margy2010 wrote: ok

dioxyd wrote: This is the best work I saw on this site(for now). I can't say anything. Keep up the good work. I just wonder which version of Vray did you do that?..

mutasyon wrote: very good material frens

cucucu83 wrote: wow!! good!!!!!!

LevaLeva wrote: the best berry! simply the best mat :)

Dr_Bat wrote: STRAWBERRY!!! good!!!

Dr_Bat wrote: STRAWBERRY!!! good!!!

cacharel wrote: Super!!!!!

n00b wrote: HOLY... errr STRAWBERRY!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!

Cada wrote: Just need cream!

mariobros wrote: Amazing!

mibelgue wrote: Great! a 10 for u!

Stevtheduke wrote: Marvelous !! Can i eat it ? :p

Cogu wrote: Omg! Excellent Work!

sharinganlmd wrote: awsome thanks

whitelabel85 wrote: fantastic!

miweiler wrote: Fully procedural ? Unbelievable - Abolutely great! Thank you!

coythot wrote: wonderful material ! great job

nwijma wrote: wow, looking perfect!

eesiin wrote: something Delicious

Funerario wrote: Awesome!

openstheway wrote: great material +++++

fa-mo wrote: thanks

edsonppn wrote: very good.

Dumah wrote: fantastic :D

rinarch wrote: Thanks ! I love it :D

scanmead wrote: yummmm....

zone wrote: good tnks a lot

stephenjone5 wrote: Thanx 4 this... inspired me to do buttoned leather. this should be at the top with your banana! :-)

chandni wrote: 100

moromoro2 wrote: woaa!! excelentee!!!

janm133 wrote: Very Very nice! thanks

x-guy wrote: it's amazing... how could u make it... !!!

Flöz wrote: I love it..

viclop wrote: He descargado este material pero no me sale como aparese, nose que estare haciendo mal. bueno no me sale los ollitos, todo me sale plano. como puedo hacer para que me salga bien. si alguien sabe me puede escribir a viclop1@hotmail.com

ANN wrote: NICE strawberry:)

cavallomatto wrote: really the best!! sure!

wassef wrote: comment ca ?????!!!!! ! ! ...

jojo1975 wrote: Awesome

Will wrote: Great shader

Betel wrote: Woow. :D

Betel wrote: Woow. :D

denzo wrote: excellent !

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Wow! :o-)

ChickenSlaveDriver wrote: I want to eat it...it looks so good... :-)

ckpc33 wrote: Very Very nice! thanks a lot!!!

andrew_h wrote: meant to give it a 10

josemg wrote: beautiful shader it is so true i like so much...

jamece007 wrote: thanx good job

krzepta wrote: I want taste

Andres Arango wrote: Excellent!!!

Andres Arango wrote: Excellent!!!

Emerson4br wrote: Very Nice!!!

milkscone wrote: its wickid

josemg wrote: good shading it s like true...

Mark_Noland wrote: LOL, 3dnet is sooooo, funny.

mithatay wrote: d

Dominik.Martinez wrote: 3dnet=z-buffer

keawsar wrote: very nice

jozias wrote: perfect... good job

Banshee wrote: It´s very useful for learning - even if you never have to render a procedural strawberry :)

capp wrote: @dominik.martinez yea, i think i will not need a strawberry shader,too. but it was just for fun and maybe someone find it useful ;-)

dominiquelaksmana wrote: fantastic

Dominik.Martinez wrote: Cant recall the last time i needed a strawberry shader.

capp wrote: this is a material not a max scene. it will open in ma6,max7, and max8 if you have vray 1.47 or above

designman8642 wrote: cant open..max7 version available?

Indikator_br wrote: very goooooooooood

Mark_Noland wrote: Freakin Awesome!

capp wrote: @visualiza simple render ? okay, upload something more complex with faster rendertime on this site, that would be fine !!!

visualiza (BANNED) wrote: too much render time to a simple render

zago wrote: Congratulations!!!

rdigital wrote: excelent!!!

hongphat85 wrote: Verry good !

饭团 wrote: LOVE IT SO MUCH

DesteN wrote: omg! great!!

nanderson wrote: Q@capp did you try a coco nut?

nanderson wrote: Perfect Work !!! Congratulation!!!

itox___til wrote: awesome. nice material

doudou3d wrote: yeah nice !!!

MasterOfLight wrote: very nice shader !

frederick2501 wrote: stunning....

Pixel1 wrote: really amazing!

jeffreyy wrote: i cant believe it! amazing work! best procedural material i have ever seen

derekum wrote: nice!

vied wrote: mmm... yummy.... Thank you...

u0m3 wrote: Amazig work. You could allmost eat the jpeg :P

mk3d wrote: great !

Hypen wrote: nice

ov3rdose wrote: very nice!


akira wrote: I lov-vray ;)

wolfsoull wrote: very good material , thanks

sajil wrote: I not an expert but this is great work

sajil wrote: I not an expert but this is great work

Popov wrote: very very nic material, i love Strawberry...

gigo000 wrote: very nice

narendravfx wrote: wowwwwwwwww

Nerissa wrote: Really rare and interesting material. Very professional.

ominae wrote: great material

Raijin wrote: great material, good job

rgb wrote: class A good work

humansound wrote: AMAAAAZING o_ nice one!

sarmiento wrote: Is a good material. Good work

Umeus wrote: Amazing...

DaForce wrote: Wicked material!!! and djtek, man that was pretty stupid.

actionn wrote: wow~~

sorryman71 wrote: verry nice~

djtek wrote: i apoligize capp I realized that after I had posted it and tehres no way to delete. It looked very similar but I was quick to assume and i apoligize.

eMatoS wrote: Great job man!!! Djtek, you should apologize to capp.

bruno wrote: very much

capp wrote: @djtek be careful with such accusations. my strawberry material is not stolen from anywhere. and by the way, CAN YOU READ ??? the strawberry in your post is fully modelelled, and have a completely different material on it. the material on this site is fully procedural and made with displacement !!!.

djtek wrote: material stolen from http:__www.chaosgroup.com_forum_phpBB2_viewtopic.php?t=15865&highlight=strawberry

tavares wrote: great material thanks a lot

Moko2K wrote: Thank you ! Very nice mat ! :-)

cami2k wrote: excelente, so cool, thanks

CADinho wrote: Thank you! very real....

tombook wrote: by _dont forget to drag the displacement-map into the displacement-modifier._ do you mean check on the displacement slot? because i a strange result (:

martinsson wrote: yummy

tombook wrote: so realistic !!

Burgerlim wrote: Great materials man! love the sweet feeling... no map...

whizard wrote: Hey man!!! datz totally AWESOME...keep it up

Banshee wrote: ah, works fine that material. If it looks different, you´ve made something wrong uri ;) Read the faqs and you´ll know why. Applied in a different scene you certainly have to adjust lighting and skaling - thats normal in max.

capp wrote: _uri uri_ means something like: that the picture of the strawberry is not identical with the material ?! thats not true !! its exactly the material !! but maybe _uri uri_ cant handle the material, or he forgot to move the displacement-map into the displacement-modifier ? @uri uri: if you want to know how it works, then ask in english, please, and dont spam my mailbox with russian-mails !!

alex wrote: wonderful

capp wrote: what? :-D

uri_uri wrote: выложен материал, который не соответствует выложенному рендеру. Материал неоправданно сложен, долго рендерится. 2 балла за враньё.

uri_uri wrote: выложен материал, который не соответствует выложенному рендеру. Материал неоправданно сложен, долго рендерится. 2 балла за враньё.

knock wrote: hehehe it is looks really real

uri_uri wrote: very nice mat!

malockbt wrote: show de bola

kolo wrote: the best shader... for me ;)

Banshee wrote: Mann wie geil :D

Banshee wrote: Hi Capp! That is an absolutely amazing procedural material. VERY good, thanks for that!!

solidworks wrote: ha ha! nice

kamiex wrote: 好东西 谢谢~ cool!thanks!

Zerozone wrote: simply PERFECT!!!! congratulations

godchilla wrote: Strawberryfields forever!

bytestorm wrote: Nhac! Hummm

MilBarD wrote: hey das ist ab sofort einer meiner liebsten Shader :-D

[HP] wrote: fantastice... defenetly, one of the best materials I haver seen... realy realistic...

nigimee7 wrote: good job

asimplemind wrote: awesome!

Greendark wrote: Nice job ! O_O

Jophus wrote: This is the best _food_ shader that I have ever seen. Great job

base2studios wrote: holy cow! you make a nice berrt! hehe

capp wrote: ah, forgot something: pull the displacement amount to 0,5 to get the best result in the sample scene.

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