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MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+, MAX 8 and
MAX 7-Samplescene right here!

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shiny marble

  shiny marble by sparkweb

Category Architecture
Date 2008-11-08 01:38:53
Rendertime 00:08:10
System intel pentium d805 2go ram
Vray version 1.5rc3 sp2
3dsmax version 2009 sp1
Comment shiny marble

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serin wrote: thank you so much!

por1995 wrote: five star material

aboedhi wrote: flamboyan....

zafer-dts wrote: 100

philo12 wrote: amazing !! thank you

philo12 wrote: amazing !! thank you

meroobear236 wrote: beautiful thank you

cardcj wrote: 8point

slimsnake wrote: Can you please tell us What is the mapping dimensions in real scale? Thank's

danielkongcu wrote: just about to find a white marble texture and here's a good one, smooth and fair.

pmrl wrote: perfect!

maxproductions wrote: Great material. Good parameters for my render and very fast. Thank you men

emmaeyo1 wrote: great work guys

SLG-CGI wrote: Nice,thank you!

nattapongki wrote: Long time i searching this one thank you by the way

oooo0414 wrote: thanks !

mrooj wrote: good

Dan107 wrote: Gracias por compartirlo, está muy bien, justo lo que necesitaba! :)

ptatsos wrote: Perfect! Just what I was looking for!

williamproux wrote: Why when I download, I only have a texture for keyshot ? thanks !

williamproux wrote: Why when I download, I only have a texture for keyshot ? thanks !

williamproux wrote: Why when I download, I only have a texture for keyshot ? thanks !

angelicavaron wrote: Nice!

arq.rafa123 wrote: Great, its perfect for marble of mexico

baitong30 wrote: thank you for your kindness

Bryan1998 wrote: Ooh! Very nice. Will use this on a table i'm making.

birdflu23 wrote: rated this material 10 pts

trollskipotpot wrote: looks nice. easy to tweak on photoshop to make newer texture

wafibizzare wrote: i love it! a big THANKS!! :)

davidplato wrote: Thank You SO much!!!

Mickespiritu wrote: nice work!

Mickespiritu wrote: nice work!

drek331 wrote: THANKS !!!!!

tseliana wrote: Thanks!

snaily wrote: Thank you very much! I used this material for base of Arco lamp:)))))))

V-12 wrote: thanks

Abrvago wrote: Thank by the site :)

Abrvago wrote: Thank by the site :)

Abrvago wrote: Thank yuo, by the site

Abrvago wrote: Thank you by the Material

dcabrg wrote: Very good. Thank you

arch 2008 wrote: whwww

harrisadamtziloglou wrote: thnks

SRDSG wrote: thanks!!

benedetta wrote: good

rayramn wrote: Its a great marble best i ´ve seen!!

byetore wrote: sexy...yes, i think would have to say "sexy"

haizephyer wrote: thanks very helpfull

s1111 wrote: Thanks, very well made

zinoray wrote: great

scarabeg wrote: cool that

eudeny wrote: material nota 10

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