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  DavelessSteel by fourthand11

Category Metal
Date 2008-10-30 21:16:53
Rendertime 00:03:18
System Dual Quad 2.8 64 bit 8gig RAM
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 2009
Comment Stainless Steel

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lillle22 wrote: Nice

Patrick22 wrote: thank you

MadeUp wrote: Thanks

alexajaninesamantha wrote: Thank you my man!!

bond009 wrote: thank you very much

squidgybod wrote: Smashing! Many thanks.

javier30 wrote: buen material

lhghgs2 wrote: nice

Cozi wrote: Nice

Mjolnir32Z wrote: thanks

Mjolnir32Z wrote: thanks

etemeren wrote: UKUÖKGK

jay sugiarto wrote: thanks

Cenova Silvana wrote: ?????????!

jambee wrote: 10/10

MrSeem wrote: thanks

rhksgus1224 wrote: thanks

g1i4a0n4g98 wrote: 10 points

mohamed93 wrote: good

mohamed93 wrote: good

kokuw wrote: Great!

mt_bins wrote: wow! rated 10. excellent material

AHeger wrote: Brilliant!!!

ayah89 wrote: thanks

SHINHAEUN wrote: thanks

Eeron wrote: Excelent finish! Thanks

alohastick wrote: thanks :)

alohastick wrote: thx

federicoa wrote: great!!!!!

xtin wrote: thanks

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

taoss wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Iraatsi wrote: nice!

mky10 wrote: it is nice

czarko wrote: nice

rustablad wrote: Brilliant mat.

akachaib wrote: thank verygood

Onix wrote: Thank you sir!

AliMohannad wrote: thank for any good work

aixiemae wrote: Real good.

keskinbilal wrote: amezing

paruyan wrote: nice work

tankartat wrote: file size too big.

uturn wrote: cool

sharotem wrote: very nice!!!

b4rdi3l wrote: goos suff

ayel088 wrote: thanks

KTC wrote: great material

seyyah_izmir wrote: very niceeee

telho wrote: Realy nice material thank you !

patoalonso wrote: maravilloso material.

gugie wrote: really nice! thanks a lot.

leolopes wrote: It didn´t work for me. The same error message "error loading paramblock2" & "invalid file only partially loaded" appears for me!

seemavray2010 wrote: this is not a proper file....whenever i use it gives an error message "error loading paramblock2" & "invalid file only partially loaded".

p.abhay79 wrote: ya it is fine for interior furniture.

estamas wrote: looks really nice!

siguru wrote: great job !

josele3d wrote: sorry Its a good material but i wrong the correct number.

juanga8686 wrote: 10 points

erkutdnzc wrote: nice

cswat wrote: really nice but it looks more like 6061 (which i use it for) than steel.

big21 wrote: awesome. great work. thanks.

miru87 wrote: Great

dabany wrote: thanks

cominkdesign wrote: good setting man

ryan.owen wrote: didnt open for me

beatles_vn wrote: thanks !

slajoh wrote: looks good thx

potsmokerboy wrote: thanx a lot!

apeine wrote: was just looking for it :) thanks

achemi wrote: thanks

rmie wrote: thank

josvi wrote: Ok. bery Good

Gabrosss wrote: Great work! I like it

figo wrote: im using max 9 with vray 1.5 rc3 it just dont work...

figo wrote: the material doesnt work why?

Tweak239 wrote: 3ds max 8, vray 1.5 rc3 mat doesn`t work( help

mocoman_superhero wrote: Great job!

kiteman wrote: Muy bueno este materia. Gracias

junminjung wrote: This should be a nice community

in10siv wrote: doesn't load under max 9...

mihaius wrote: Rendertime Comment Stainless

anything12 wrote: Wonderful Material, the metal looks really realistic :) good job !!

Verget wrote: Great, but i made a mistake, I want to rate it to 10 ;] Regards.

ahmadjan wrote: Amazing... !!!!!!

Outcast wrote: WOW!!!! Thanks! it's TRUE! beauty// !!!!

mllm wrote: tnks man! it`s just what i looking for ((:

Mounir Sibay wrote: is amazing

clashoverlaw wrote: coll mat

ives_aguilar wrote: 8 points, i had good results. i happy.thanks

visualasylum wrote: nevermind, version 2009. don't have it yet.

visualasylum wrote: I tried downloading the file, and then I decided to try it, but the file doesn't open in Max9. I even tried the MATlib and it seems corrupted. Can someone help me checking it out?

technosoft10 wrote: sorry, thought file was for max 9... my bad!

technosoft10 wrote: File does not work! :(

bimario wrote: cool!

lolko77 wrote: Nice work.

BZZiK wrote: WOW!!!

bekon1 wrote: Bravo!

Amleto74 wrote: Bravo!

architects wrote: nice

pabloexen wrote: la wea wena chuchetumare

flexion wrote: está bastante bien definido felicitaciones

roycan wrote: bay

fucu007 wrote: Excelente trabajo.

graphtz wrote: merci pour ce mat... c'est sympa good.

dawin4e wrote: coool

A Rayven wrote: emmetre, you probably have the wrong version of Max.

emmetre wrote: ...why max said me , invalid file - only partial loaded???

angel_ibiki wrote: very great...super

xxxdionisoxxx wrote: v good!

mohd faisal wrote: amazing

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