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 SciFi walls part6

  SciFi walls part6 by capp

Category Metal
Date 2008-10-21 17:53:21
Rendertime 00:08:29
System quad
Vray version rc3
3dsmax version max9
Comment a bunch of procedural science fiction textures for walls. okay, not really procedural but made with max internal gradients. no external textures needed. part6 jo, another one.

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Xarchi wrote: good job

compadre wrote: wow

ramirez87 wrote: muchas gracias

eng_banoo wrote: wow

dogo0 wrote: thanks capitan!!

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

karahan5 wrote: Super. 10 point

mario74 wrote: great!

ponce_i wrote: Anyone can explain how to set it up?

ponce_i wrote: Anyone can explain how to set it up?

ponce_i wrote: how Do you set up this material in the scene?

bathyscaph wrote: Super clever use of procedural elements. Great stuff!

draxfer wrote: super chido no tiene ma...........

uturn wrote: cool

ll_hiboo_ll wrote: doesnt work

eckoxy wrote: ggreat:D

Majik Mike wrote: WOW! I am amazed!

jbeau wrote: What a wondering learning resource you have become, keep it up Capp

jameson63926 wrote: The rating system is fine, theres simply a slew of moronic unprofessionals running around here being disrespectful. Start charging for the sites use, I'll pay for it.

yarvoch wrote: Awesome!

Pirog123 wrote: just have no words

svrcolina wrote: amazing!!!!!!no vay i can do that

mery wrote: me gutaaaa

rmejia wrote: brilliant!

miweiler wrote: wow! capp, i love your great textureworks, absolutely fantstic! don´t be angry because of some stupid votings - everybody knows, that procedural textures like yours needs much more skills than to create a simple black shiny, for which the same people are voting with 10...!

Andrw wrote: Banshee..I think that´s the good idea..1-votes for thiis great material isn´t objective.

Banshee wrote: OK, I think we have to do something with the voting system now. Ridiculous, really. Simple black shiny materials get rated with a 10 and this one recieves several 1-votes? Thinking about disabling the voting system.... Or rewriting it. Can´t continue like this and we don´t want to take to much influence on the voting.

swed2009 wrote: cool

snow66 wrote: ok

klepa wrote: WoW!!! You make my day!

Weedboss wrote: @amalan, WTH!? ...Silly kids... internet access should be restricted with an IQ test... @capp You have a point, you'r materials will remain awesome despite what the votes say but its sitll very, very annoying to see such low ratings...

capp wrote: @all dont wonder about users who are voting that bad. 4 points are okay, compared to 0 points wich is really stupid. the only way to stop 0 voters is to change the voting system slightly. only users who already have uploaded materials can vote for materials. thats the way it should work better. ;)

Weedboss wrote: @the hollow, do you mind explaining the reasons for your vote?

soljarag wrote: dude, these are sick!

tomerk242 wrote: Great material ! Congramtulations!

martian_aphid wrote: all very cool

capp wrote: the capp category :*)

Mirko wrote: WOW again!!! +1 for the Capp Category :-) I really don't understand jad's ratings! :-/

3DCreator wrote: fantastic

Astorias wrote: great!!

Banshee wrote: again 5 points...? I have not seen such a perfect procedural material very often! We should rework the voting system I guess.

pietras_25 wrote: how can i apply the disp map , and where can I use it ? heheh

Need_Help wrote: ..... (don't know what to say anymore). Yes, I think we need a special category lol :D (Category Name : Astonishing and Breath-taking Procedual Materials that look like Textured Material by Capp) - The name has to be long and confusing enough to represent the process of making these materials

Banshee wrote: My goodness..... We need a different category I think.... I´ll call it "capp´s insane proc-shaders"

capp wrote: dont worry if something renders wrong after applying the material to the sample object. if that is the case, you have to check mapping id and planar mappings on the innerball. these are not beginner materials, so please dont aks me things like -how can i apply the displacement map-

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