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 SciFi part4

  SciFi part4 by capp

Category Metal
Date 2008-10-21 17:50:23
Rendertime 00:06:29
System dual quad xeon
Vray version rc3
3dsmax version max9
Comment a bunch of procedural science fiction textures for walls. okay, not really procedural but made with max internal gradients. no external textures needed. part4, this one comes with a gear, you have to adjust mapping here to planar with other mapping channel (2) or the gear

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Fran2191 wrote: Gracias

oak_autumn wrote: very cool

Xuan wrote: there is only a grey ball with no textures on it

FingleDingle wrote: The uploader couldn't be bothered to provide a proper example of this material, that someone could apply to an object to see what it looks like. Instead, he's provided a "kit" consisting of an incomplete material and a few procedural textures, which users are expected to assemble themselves. The only real instructions he's provided is something vague about using other texture channels, and basically "don't ask if you can't figure it out". Way to help capp.

gozlir3 wrote: how do I open this? I opened mat file but it doesnt look like the picture above.

gozlir3 wrote: how do I open this? I opened mat file but it does look like the picture above.

uturn wrote: cool

raphamax wrote: awsome!

josuka wrote: Really Impresive, perfect for a Scifi terror Movie

TheMatteoVilla wrote: It' s wonder

mfergeson wrote: anything for vray sketchup??

bionicangel wrote: TUA MADRE

bionicangel wrote: TUA MADRE

wghzq wrote: .+)

Pirog123 wrote: WOOT!!!!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

WSOwen wrote: Brilliant. Well done.

logesh_v wrote: fantastic material...

miweiler wrote: fantastic procedural job!

klepa wrote: Outstanding !!!

Mirko wrote: I like that one very much!!!

3DCreator wrote: one of the best ever

Banshee wrote: 5 points? hmmmm.... why?

Need_Help wrote: I like the spiral shapes...looks like crop circles lol

Banshee wrote: Beautiful !!! Wow! :-D

capp wrote: dont worry if something renders wrong after applying the material to the sample object. if that is the case, you have to check mapping id and planar mappings on the innerball. these are not beginner materials, so please dont aks me things like -how can i apply the displacement map-

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