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 SciFi walls part1

  SciFi walls part1 by capp

Category Metal
Date 2008-10-21 17:45:04
Rendertime 00:10:32
System quad xeon
Vray version rc3
3dsmax version max9
Comment a bunch of procedural science fiction textures for walls. okay, not really procedural but made with max internal gradients. no external textures needed. part1

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Danecko wrote: nice

Mattias_hogvall wrote: dsfsdf

Starkweather wrote: Well that's odd. I selected 10 for vote, but it says 5...

uturn wrote: cool

sekopasa wrote: Dark side is strong in you!

saju1 wrote: please explane how to use it!

Dark-_-Image wrote: good material !! i love it

pizzaia wrote: It remembers me of Metropolis. Nice one.

yurok57 wrote: i beg you ppl. please explane how to use it!

sosojni wrote: it looks excelent but it would be helpfull to have faq how to use em forppl that arnt so handy with vray material creatin as you are

nelsinho1981 wrote: muy bueno

Reldnahc wrote: lol The best !

guachacol wrote: nice!!! nice!!! nice!!!

stephenjone5 wrote: 23 KB with that detail... Says it all... Only capp!

ricg2005 wrote: Damn its no. 1

tfandango wrote: This materials seem amazing, but they are very complex, im not a total ignorant om vray mapping but im having a lot of hard time... you should post a small faq on these so that everybody could use them correctly. sorry for bothering you, i just really like these and i wanted to use them.

NJ wrote: good

logesh_v wrote: as usuallll...INSANE

abuanas wrote: شكرا علىى المجهود المرعب

Need_Help wrote: Well, your materials are quality assured

Banshee wrote: nothing more to say.

capp wrote: dont worry if something renders wrong after applying the material to the sample object. if that is the case, you have to check mapping id and planar mappings on the innerball. these are not beginner materials, so please dont aks me things like -how can i apply the displacement map-

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