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Iron net

  Iron net by Truman

Category Architecture
Date 2006-09-08 20:37:53
Rendertime 00:46:20
System dual p4 3GHz 2048MB DDR2 dual-link
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment iron net, like those surrrounding tennis courts

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bitran95 wrote: love it, thanks alot

Woodmasalar wrote: Thank You. It seems nice.

JoseaMartG wrote: Thanks

yarke wrote: like it

Trapos wrote: Thanks

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

frkdede wrote: wonderful, i like it

arckus2 wrote: nice

fireemblem wrote: 10 points

licho wrote: dzięki

janitha wrote: twstwst

Bullerbin wrote: This is The material, which I"m coming across many times. Thx Truman

kokoszka1984 wrote: ok

Yasser wrote: Great job.. but very havy render

soundball wrote: thank

baitong30 wrote: thank you so much for your kindness

imamalilmy wrote: nice, terima kasih banyak ya

jv-ray wrote: thaks!! :)

gobineitor wrote: Great! Thanks

gobineitor wrote: Great! Thanks

kristiancba wrote: tuve que bajarle el displace, estaba en 7 y lo bajé a 0,7.. está buenisimo!!

silargentina wrote: Muy bueno el material!

estaminame wrote: Sorry for newbie question, but how to use blur map?

estaminame wrote: Sorry for newbie question, but how to use blur map?

rojasvalderrama wrote: thannnkss

narrow87 wrote: good i looking it

narrow87 wrote: good i looking it

jallerba22 wrote: nice

theobarbosa wrote: Hi, there´s a problem. It came in zip file all the maps, but net file of material doesn´t have the material.

rijoegeorge wrote: EXCELLENT

dae77 wrote: just what i was looking for thanks : )

dingland wrote: Hooray! I found the think that I want.

TUSNALGAS wrote: VERY NICE WORK!!!...from my nalgas

bozini wrote: Very nice. It's called 'chain link fence' in the States.

jeb_uap wrote: very nice

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: very nice work

afirami wrote: it is a nice material

Cod_bar wrote: really usefull thanks Truman!!

h_man wrote: 20/10 Excelent!

liat wrote: great work, thanks alot

Osprey wrote: Curious! Good Idea!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Yes, good idea.

brooney wrote: Very nice material, just what I was looking for

yot3210 wrote: cool stuff

Extraterroide wrote: Very good work

romildo wrote: Amazing one!!!

CADinho wrote: very nice...

codycheck wrote: Good Idea

vizbits wrote: nice

tavares wrote: i have to test this one, right away thanks a lot

stateofmind wrote: awasome mat

rpuerto wrote: good

zwok wrote: Sorry but its awfull, instead of glass or whatever you have used an opacity map is better, and an displacement map is also needed

MilBarD wrote: very nice..thx

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