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 Beer bottle + beer

  Beer bottle + beer by Thykka

Category Food
Date 2008-09-03 14:58:07
Rendertime 00:02:17
System Intel Xeon Octa-core 2,83GHz 8GB RAM
Vray version 1.50.SP2
3dsmax version 2009 x64
Comment A complex material for beer bottles. Suits well for back lit scenes.
Better preview:

Mapping channels 1 and 4 are required for glass objects, Material-id 2 is with droplets, material-id 1 is without.

The file contains all materials shown in picture (amber glass, green glass, clear glass and beer) and the models shown in the better preview.
The droplets require Berconnoise plugin which can be downloaded free from:

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GayashanKA wrote: Woow

MarcF wrote: strong work

nothingwith wrote: thank you

nolipineda101 wrote: thanks!

Casterlaz wrote: great

gendis wrote: Definitely saved time for me. Thanks!

nh.nazmul wrote: great job. thanks bro...

536186 wrote: ???????~

viristya wrote: Great! Thanks

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

luchosoto wrote: very good

rishi bhatt wrote: can't find berconnoise plugin

svenvdvorstenbosch wrote: Really nice

senzy2436 wrote: cool

fadudba wrote: thanks a lot!

cheer2818 wrote: WOW

pulido.f wrote: missing texture map Rllossiness

bpositive wrote: Thanks a lot. Great material. - Though I could not find that berconnoise plugin...!

demoan666 wrote: hi, i am using max 2011, and the bercon files that i got from the mentioned link installed fine, however when i open your file it still says missing texture. everything is fine except i dont get the bubbles in the liquid. alternatively i would also appreciate if you could guide me to a mat with some bubbles. thanks demoan666

acxtreme wrote: big up!

drokolesko wrote: To my drokolesko12@rambler.ru email, if possible. Thank you a lot!

drokolesko wrote: Great! could you share the material properties (amber glass and beer) please? I have no 10MAX version(((

panaryn wrote: good work

natohalac wrote: good!

Wugluskr wrote: Чёрт, оно, родимое

amf13 wrote: так и хочется взять и выпить :)

rainyno wrote: I LOVE THAT

nono14 wrote: thanks

grespigna flavio wrote: Grazie

pal0man wrote: e e e

Luckgeraldi wrote: Gostei muito dos materiais que estão no site

vern wrote: so awesome. legend

asifbhushan wrote: thank u so much dude..i was badly in need of this

mihaius wrote: woooow... this one is great I hope it is realistic enough.. I drink beer a lot.. thanks :) I'll rate it with 10 anyway

Enginehead wrote: woah.. nice tex..

Enginehead wrote: woah.. nice tex..

UnshavenBag wrote: Very nice mat.

hamsa wrote: i like vray

ankkonen wrote: thank u.. very nice material..

siju wrote: nice, very nice i have no words to express it

memanoj wrote: vry nice material,but Idon't know how to install the down loaded material. if anybody knows pls mai me memanoj.dubai@gmail.com

TooZyk wrote: Thank you very much for the excellent complementary information and links.

TooZyk wrote: Very useful. THX

avit wrote: excellent dud

vert wrote: Great

Bloodklot wrote: this is a beautiful texture!

armelbonifacio wrote: cool!

dickie_ilagan wrote: awesome...

danger123 wrote: beautiful

Mateusz wrote: OH SHI-

cool_mukul wrote: good material

cool_mukul wrote: goob material

.:::one:::. wrote: Классный Мат, хорошо получился! Nice job man !

zuleyha wrote: very nice material and good job!!

martian_aphid wrote: nice work

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