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  Wood3 by Andrw

Category Wood
Date 2008-07-01 09:36:33
Rendertime 00:10:00
System Core 2 Duo 2160Mhz
Vray version RC 1.52
3dsmax version 8.0
Comment Hi,I tryed to make a wood with realistics surface and reflection. It´s two layer material with blurry and sharpen reflection,and a little dirt on diffuse slot..Hope you like it.

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megatronX wrote: seamless matt. a beautifull matt. thank you

arhistar wrote: Thank you Andrw!

theoni wrote: thank you!

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

ripollez wrote: gracias

Irnika2507 wrote: Thank your a lot!

pulsocg wrote: thanx

kokuw wrote: thanx

peace026 wrote: thanks

linhyu207 wrote: thank you

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

karakas34 wrote: fantastic !

janfaljan wrote: very good material, thanks

Clark332 wrote: Best furniture finish i've found so farr

criscea wrote: good

kirillgordeev wrote: Thank you

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

BC-Athey wrote: Looks great, thanks!

mohi.lauri wrote: jljljn

_maxx_ wrote: Thanks.

kablounak wrote: nice !

xiaobi001 wrote: link

vray 2012 wrote: thanks

Gugunii wrote: super

_maxx_ wrote: Thanks.

carlosmachado wrote: nice

Thanakit wrote: nice thank you

totara wrote: just what i was looking for, neat

akaltar wrote: nice thing!

skeleton wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

henrix21 wrote: nicely done! thanx

ibucu wrote: Nice texture, but complicated to put in practice...

firstrunnerup wrote: thank you...

danteonimusha wrote: finaly someone that make a real wood!! good job))

surendran wrote: thanks

riju wrote: zdar borec... pekne... nemas tam smrek?

riju wrote: zdar borec... pekne... nemas tam smrek?

artitaya wrote: thanks..

burrociano wrote: gracias lo andaba buscando

gaboleto wrote: esta muy muy real. increible

eyad-mufti wrote: thx lots

fatata wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

pnyagolov wrote: Just briliant! Exellent job!

gaspar wrote: thank's

lukefeler wrote: I find it beautiful

ds Tatyana wrote: ;)

eraboy01 wrote: thanx

PinHead wrote: Nice work!!!

vacsonid wrote: nice material :)

saintdieg wrote: i like it

bastetgod wrote: Fine, very fine....20 points.

jesty wrote: thank you.

SERozKAN wrote: qqq

Carefree wrote: thanks

dadan wrote: thanx a lot

Ilegna wrote: VERY WOOD

Athrun wrote: Common Really Nice!! Thanks for it!

qwerpoiu wrote: good one

dhayal wrote: Nice

sir loki wrote: nice

Xyserll wrote: thk

soonthorn7219 wrote: thank

hoohoohoo wrote: oh good tank's

philippebekhazi wrote: good one

Meklon wrote: Nice

Andrw wrote: Could you delete the last post by zafhss please?..

miweiler wrote: Well done, thank you!

voltron7 wrote: nice wood mat

lorenzobettega wrote: Very nice!!!!

Need_Help wrote: Not bad, Good job

vray101 wrote: yes really like this material, good job Andrw

Ushlak_Morante wrote: nice

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