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Lego (Procedural)

  Lego (Procedural) by stephenjone5

Category Plastics
Date 2008-05-29 16:50:55
Rendertime 00:23:06
System Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment This is a fully procedural blend material. Change the colours in both materials slots if you want to make different coloured lego blocks. Also if you want the displacement rounder and smoother change the edge length in the vray default displacement in the rendering settings from 4.0 to 2.0 or 1.0 for even smoother results, note the render will take much longer...

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sakin wrote: thanks

omarito1985 wrote: ok

thi.aranha wrote: Nice!!

TTeeenaaf wrote: displacement unchecked ....noob :-)

TTeeenaaf wrote: displacement unchecked ....noob :-)

TTeeenaaf wrote: displacement unchecked ....noob :-)

TTeeenaaf wrote: thank you for nice material. I can't get the bump to work though? anyone know why. Thank you

uturn wrote: cool

zero01 wrote: thank

timawa wrote: ..coool

timawa wrote: ..coool


3dpusher wrote: great thanks nice job

mamuco wrote: AWESOME!

longdelta wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

papatd wrote: Fantastic, my childness is back !

stephenjone5 wrote: Yeh you will get deformed curves, my comment will explain further about getting the curves looking nicer... ;-)

javiperillas wrote: Unbelievable! The only problem is it gets deformed in curves, but still... awesome!

elphoma wrote: ta guaopito

oktoberfest wrote: very original! excellent!

ESCAMAN wrote: Amazin material.

rmejia wrote: cool !

PunkGuy wrote: The reflection needs some work. The rest looks good.

zahir3d wrote: Nice ! :)

marocollection wrote: thnx

Shifty wrote: Nice, raited with 9

LevaLeva wrote: smart!

Need_Help wrote: Cool material (and it's procedural, unlike your old lego material). Good job :)

capp wrote: HAHA, cool :D

stephenjone5 wrote: Nice tip... cheers mate ;-)

Meklon wrote: Very realistic and maybe useful for some rare purposes. Anyway, except large rendering time it's good.:) I just want to attract your attention, that the main goal of creating procedural materials is reducing rendering time by avoiding texture calculation. So, your main task is to optimize render time. Good luck and thanks for your work.:)

stephenjone5 wrote: sorry I don't know what happened with the update. My browser window went a little crazy...

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