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  Clay by Will

Category Plastics
Date 2008-05-27 11:45:33
Rendertime 00:02:07
System Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 4GO
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version -
Comment Clay material.

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megaa_wachiee wrote: thankss

hpf wrote: its great

kokuw wrote: good job

Husse86 wrote: amazing

stavros81 wrote: Thanx!

stavros81 wrote: Really nice stuff!!!

varelita16 wrote: nice!

MrTom wrote: Uses maps which are not included so pretty useless.

jarakbay wrote: gracias :)

tazanali wrote: Thanks you :)

maomaomao wrote: thanks so much!!

surendran wrote: thank you

PunkGuy wrote: Awesome!

Pussik wrote: Doesn`t work. :(

ogmo wrote: nice mat, nice rendertime

peixedoparana wrote: en castellano: lo voy a probar, que comentarios puedo dejar ahora?

Meklon wrote: Ten points only for rememberings of old quest... Neverhood... That was great. As for material it deserve 7, imho. Wet clay has more glossiness. Dry clay must have something like a salt layer on the surface. As for color it's all right, but don't forget about blue clay and other types. For cartoon animation it's good. Thanks anyway.

pixelsmoothed wrote: hah.. this one is fu$king funny ))) especially those finger tips on the surface... great one for using in the "toon" style renders

Will wrote: For Displace, I have use the modifier VrayDisplacentMod (Amount 0,5) , with Cellular (Heigt 15).

Will wrote: For Displace, I have use the modifier VrayDisplacentMod (Amount 0,5) , with Cellular (Heigt 15).

Need_Help wrote: I just find the bump / displacement map a bit weird (it looks a bit like finger prints + pattern of unknown object)

kikikiec1 wrote: Oh~ Good!!

arevulopapo wrote: Not bad. Maybe higher glossiness?

Razorx3d wrote: Great material

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