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  akik_grass_01 by akiklapute

Category Organic
Date 2008-05-26 18:39:03
Rendertime 00:58:00
System Alienware AMD/Atlon 2008 hz 2048 Ram, 2* Nvidia 7900go 256 mb (sli)
Vray version Vray Adv 1.5 RC5
3dsmax version max 9
Comment grass

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ripollez wrote: gracias

shivajisolanki wrote: THANKS YOU FOR THIS MATERIAL.

gabovraycun wrote: super ok, gracias!!!

KarenTolentino wrote: Genial!

ana.zambrano97 wrote: NICE!

moyaqkr wrote: good

shemnon wrote: desing

Skips wrote: thanks :)

hectorin21 wrote: exelente aporte gracias

ivangtz696 wrote: gracias por el material me sirvio muchisismo

Ahmed-design wrote: good but too sharp

arqbalcazar wrote: muy bueno el material bastante realistas 10 puntos

sukhi wrote: gud green

Twilightnebula7 wrote: Who does not like a well crafted grass material :} ?

Twilightnebula7 wrote: Who does not like a well crafted grass material :} ?

Krupskaya wrote: good job, thanks!

rambo anas wrote: very nice my frnd :)

tattikarlo wrote: this is not working on the scene

drawstar35 wrote: very nice grass, thanks

Polumenol wrote: nice, but without bump/displace

someone033 wrote: love it!

clean_c wrote: thx a lot

rafa_rod wrote: this material its too nice thanks foir post it

geraldo84 wrote: EXELENT WOW

patysia2 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

dusia90 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

detarenji wrote: nice work, i hope i can make this :) thx..

W_Glauber wrote: Great! Some tuto explain how to use it in 3d max 2011?

autocadsemu wrote: güzel 10 puan

stefank wrote: 7punktów

yoken wrote: thanks

islam ali wrote: 8

tambu wrote: ok

tin_wong wrote: i like it so much.thank you

arkill wrote: 8 pionts

vincentbpy wrote: nice

fars wrote: madre

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks

nuaem wrote: thank you very very mush^^

Narion wrote: thx dude

rooobs wrote: thx dude!!

pablo_rox_ wrote: Muito bom... Realista e tudo mais...

filmilm wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

mimarmeo wrote: is it perfect?

patricia9769 wrote: 10 points

fatimaBr wrote: thanks:)

krearq wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

ThalionX wrote: Still one of the best. :)

ripp wrote: tanx

swampy wrote: nice

naqsh wrote: e

Suelton wrote: BOm

Suelton wrote: BOm

aref_84 wrote: really good tanx

moss51 wrote: good

tumeeeee wrote: alaad og

OuroBoRuS wrote: good thanx =)

ERJKILLER wrote: Good Material Thanks

bardo2h wrote: positive!

jandroide wrote: Really nice!

aryaarchitect wrote: oks

chepoman wrote: my second choice!!!!!! cooooool

vhn3183 wrote: rwetet

enmar wrote: rated this material with 6 Points

primus1 wrote: For me, it looks more like moss... And that's what I need..

kortus010 wrote: very nice

Sigaar wrote: EXACTLYwhat i needed!!!

dickie_ilagan wrote: wonderful

adayton wrote: Great texture, congrats!

ASH_777 wrote: Too heavy, too shiny, not enough realistic. Try better.

akiklapute wrote: RAFOLS : Look at the 3ds file : you have to put a " Vray Displacement "modifier on youu object, and load the Bump map

rafols wrote: im starting whit this of textures, can anyone tell how to upload the BUMP efect to the material in sktechup please....

prasadgupta26 wrote: for residences fine

juanremil wrote: excellent site. excellent material.

CIVICa wrote: 10 points ;) good job! THX

rojasvalderrama wrote: thnkssss

juli83 wrote: nice material

mehtal wrote: thanks

Xsanizon wrote: Good Job ;)

mlms wrote: Realistic material, very good

Marcio Pontes wrote: nice 10 points

doldo wrote: coooooool man

lostmbox wrote: awsome this is my first material download thanks guys!

Shifty wrote: i need it :-)

Glenndalf wrote: lo bajo y te digo pero se ve muy bien =D

danielarodrig wrote: hello

comendero wrote: It's very good, but we could use it when computers will render 20 times faster than today. Too much rendering time for being a grass

Nikkkkk313 wrote: КлёваÑ? штука!

adesck wrote: god

Need_Help wrote: Not bad...but the rendering time is really too long (imagine using it in a large scene)

martian_aphid wrote: not bad

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