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  Stone_Travertine_Offset by dmettler

Category Stone
Date 2008-05-21 17:01:23
Rendertime 00:02:39
System Intel Quad Xeon P4 3.06GHz, 2GB RAM XP Pro SP2
Vray version 1.5 SP1 x86
3dsmax version 2008
Comment This is a Travertine Stone material created for an exterior illustration. I hope you like the results.

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arkaneng wrote: GREAT AND THANKS

hooooda wrote: thanx alot

Ausjani71 wrote: nice!

Lilyn wrote: Great!!!!!!

Ayham sanjkdar wrote: so nice

giuliavanni wrote: beautiful

selmancecen wrote: dfas

Arch.Majid wrote: thanks

LukinhoStrucnjak wrote: Thanks for the material...Please can someone explain how to apply it in rhinoceros material editor. When I try to import it i can't see the file. Thank you

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

yihharnliu wrote: thanks

jpogena wrote: thanks

roainteriors wrote: thanks a lot

pattarindaG wrote: thanks

princesspisuke wrote: nice & lovely

Ahmednn wrote: good job

aghaamin29 wrote: cool material

luciani chiara wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ignaciozamora wrote: great!

brendaherbiansyah wrote: great work & nice! Thank You

fanel14 wrote: thanks for the mat it really helped :)

azodazad wrote: =)

anchongasj wrote: very very nice, thank you!

fannita wrote: MERCI!

frkyvhl wrote: nice, great job

malkovristo wrote: facade material!!!! :)

moraleja wrote: Looks natural. Great

M4n1ek wrote: :)

knzo wrote: gd job

cristo_dc wrote: muy bueno gracias

alarmany wrote: great man, thanx a lot

mmzin wrote: thx dmettler very good one ;)

fontanet wrote: very good!!!! uaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuu

cominkdesign wrote: great texture n setting man,,,thnks much,,,

mrdazzle wrote: Wow Great

3dkhalil wrote: great surface roughness

joca1976 wrote: its really a great help for us a designer about this site... thank you!

natzki wrote: cool

hasse wrote: error message

porshen1980 wrote: zachot

ThalionX wrote: Simply Lovely :}

nuningnaja wrote: cool!! thank

tomitama wrote: thanks!

vitasoypan wrote: ths

krist78 wrote: muy buen material me fui muy util

K.F wrote: very good

Need_Help wrote: Not bad....Looks quite nice.

cage-warp wrote: hey don't cheat dude :).. self-voting hahahaha... btw excellent material...

dmettler wrote: The self vote was me pushing buttons to see what happens ;)

Astorias wrote: 7 for the material , 0 for self voting, = 4

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