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Bubble mtl

  Bubble mtl by cage-warp

Category Transparent
Date 2008-05-11 13:17:14
Rendertime 00:10:33
System Intel Quad core 2.4GHz, 4Gb ram, nVidia 8800GT 512Mb
Vray version 1.5 RC4
3dsmax version 2008
Comment Material for soap bubbles..

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ziyunsiau wrote: Thank you:)

cptoey wrote: that's amazing

ypt32002 wrote: nice

Gvhm17 wrote: thanks

0834482916 wrote: thank you

huarachi wrote: just what I was looking for! Thank you :)

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

parisa.emr wrote: thanks a lot

ezzina wrote: Thanks a lot !

polaris83 wrote: i like the material color in render but i don't know why there is no bubbles like the image of this product! should i add the bubbles by my self?

luispaz wrote: (y)

wpassos wrote: tnks

spacepig wrote: very nice thank'S

marcelliano wrote: wow..great!

EbolaZaireVirus wrote: cool

rlara1975 wrote: good contribution

valogarr wrote: I' m looking for a material like EFTE....someone cn help me?thanks a lot.....

cris11 wrote: interesting!!

zfp wrote: So perfect ! thanks

hy12hy31 wrote: thank u :)

pricessanne wrote: thank you

dafne wrote: Very good

cage-warp wrote: @micky1111 That's probably because max 9 is older version than 2008...

micky1111 wrote: Doesn't load on max 9 with vray 1.5 RC5

cage-warp wrote: @porshen1980 TNXXXXXXXXXX :D

porshen1980 wrote: RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Gabriel Knight wrote: very good! thanks

cage-warp wrote: @moznf That's probably because your using some older version of either 3ds Max or Vray.. The version of the software used is stated above :)

moznf wrote: this material seems to be very nice but I can't load it, I've an error message

moznf wrote: this material seems to be very nice but I can't load it, I've an error message

BATMANCU wrote: transparan

n00b wrote: although there is a bubble material, that actually makes bubbles, I'll rate 10

coty wrote: )))

devillived wrote: nice

Chesire Cat wrote: nice one - thx

hamoodg wrote: love it

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