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  godsngoddesses by thr33dz2007

Category Architecture
Date 2008-05-06 09:18:20
Rendertime 00:06:56
System Dell Optiplex 745 2.8MHz 2GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP1
3dsmax version 2008
Comment another relief design

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Holygentle21 wrote: This is great

Raularq.2108 wrote: I like the texture finish

nodymnmo wrote: amazing

NativeNewYorker wrote: Holy Mary, Mother of Christ! How in the world........Your a talented genius. Love it.

kal.el wrote: nice work

sid_pandit2 wrote: Great work :)

M A Rahman wrote: wonderfull!!!

Mateusz wrote: Nowhere to being perfect, but it's quite unique. Some will certainly find this useful.

cjsimon wrote: cool

bigbud wrote: dat 's crazy!

janickcastro wrote: en ingles pues

janickcastro wrote: asonbroso el material se ve real

lastword13 wrote: I like this one

thr33dz2007 wrote: thanks capp! i will try to do your suggestion... i was having a hard time to make the grayscale of this texture (also the others i did) and it was my first time to try this out. i will make some more tweaking on the grayscale and i'll upload it soon.

nelsonvray wrote: THAN'KS

capp wrote: i think i was a little bit too hard with my vote last time. the textures are nice and i didnt vote for that but only for the material itself and the difficult level ;-) so here is my compromise. but you should try to paint out the shadows of the displacement map as i mentioned. have fun

thr33dz2007 wrote: hi maria0130! vray displacement and bump map is included so you can make it possible like embossed statues.

maria0130 wrote: Great looking material! But how do I achieve this result? If I just apply and hit render it only comes in a plain Vray displacement involved or are there other settings? Thank you

thr33dz2007 wrote: "very need it???" what do you mean by that? and i noticed that you didn't like it... so you give me 0 vote... that's too bad.... :(

hanyu wrote: very need it.

hanyu wrote: very need it.

mr oy wrote: One of the best I've seen. This should be entered into one of the competitions.

Eric Sosa wrote: I normally give votes only after trying the mat..but it looks great & very original. grats...I'll give my vote soon :)

thr33dz2007 wrote: yes its a free texture! thanks...

Banshee wrote: very good textures. Are they free? I just ask because it looks like a "professional" material from a commercial texture cd.. If it really IS free - congratz, excellent textures!!

Astorias wrote: very cool, thanks

thr33dz2007 wrote: thanks onderb for appreciating!

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