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steel by pOv

  steel by pOv by pov

Category Metal
Date 2008-05-05 20:55:11
Rendertime 00:04:31
System intel core duo 2,4Ghz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment architectural steel,it is a light material.hope u like it

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guy_from_corporate wrote: very nice. thx.

kokuw wrote: thanx

rcpsntrk1989 wrote: 10

thaissa wrote: there isn´t an image!!

maddust wrote: THANKSSS

pulbalu wrote: hola primero hablo en español no se sile puedan traducir; pero muchas gracias buen post.

ga.humphrey wrote: great stuff

FMHQBattousai_X wrote: This will be PERFECT for my Katana blade! Thank you!

lolko77 wrote: Great work.

Kownage wrote: Awesome, thanks

WampiR54 wrote: xxx

SERozKAN wrote: zzz

SERozKAN wrote: xxx

matitadidio wrote: Carino

xavalon wrote: supper

natzki wrote: thanks

dhayal wrote: Nice

XIIF wrote: doesnt work with max9

moonstar23 wrote: its coll

daniel182 wrote: just what i need for my guillotine! xD

JUMPYSM wrote: S

dioxyd wrote: What is the version of your VRay & Max you used?

dioxyd wrote: What is the version of your VRay & Max you used?

zerno wrote: good!

jsk75 wrote: nice material , 8 points.

LvSomeOne wrote: thank a lot

xander3 wrote: great!

pov wrote: ty guys

faraklit34 wrote: thx

vinhkts wrote: 8

yang1980_04 wrote: thanks

yang1980_04 wrote: thanks

yang1980_04 wrote: thanks!

nonsince wrote: nice one 9 points

einroc wrote: couldnt load the mat. but it is fyne

spartan wrote: Very smooth I rate this 9.5

giave wrote: good

Astorias wrote: another steel...chrome...glass whatsoever. @admins: Please ... no more steel/chrome/glass materials.

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