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 Greeks 2

  Greeks 2 by thr33dz2007

Category Architecture
Date 2008-05-05 18:14:49
Rendertime 00:06:49
System Dell Optiplex 745 2.8MHz 1GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP1
3dsmax version 2008
Comment Ornamental Sculptures

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Onix wrote: wow! really nice. Thank you!

uturn wrote: cool

Herman wrote: Sweet!

djdesign wrote: A great illusion if you ask me. Can't say I'd ever have a use for this but someone else may. Having read some of the comments here though disappoints me. Not all of us are experts like some here. Lets use criticism to teach rather than cut down.

1983nightcrawler wrote: this1' s awesome!!

emre323 wrote: nice material. Very good

zdi wrote: mihaius is right. This is a photo with its grayscale version as bump and displace. This is a fake effect, since it uses shadow maps to produce the bumps, which work in certain areas, but giving a really wrong depth at some others (see the shield in the center with the shadow of the horse's leg ) Still, the photo is very nice indeed and assuming it's original from the author, I gave the material a 7. wrote: Complimenti! Ottimo lavoro. Congratulation, a very good work!

mihaius wrote: Mulato you are so stupid

Mulato wrote: Crank up the displacement and it looks like a beautiful distorted sculpture!!!! Simple use of displacement for a very interesting material.

mihaius wrote: You are all noobs. Why can't you understand? This is just a photo with wrong displacement. To understand this, to the following: take a picture of your face, and apply it as a texture on a simple plain. Then use the grayscale version of the same picture as a displacement map. SEE THE RESULT

malva wrote: Thank you- is not enough words to this great site... really... all the best and keep growing..

malva wrote: Thank you- is not enough words to this great site... really... all the best and keep growing..

ScionOfWar wrote: I don't see the problem mihaius.. Whether or not it's a simple material which reuses its texture map in displacement, it seems like it produces a decent material

mihaius wrote: this should not be here. it's just a texture with wrong displacement. Please remove this material

mihaius wrote: just read my comments before rating. This is fake and stupid.

mihaius wrote: thr33dz2007 you should be banned for posting fake/very bad materials. The displacement map is identical to the original texture in grayscale. Some admin please ban this guy. Sorry but I have to rate it with 1.

donku wrote: you are the best... yeah... this is real material

Armitage87 wrote: How the hell did you do that? That's amazing!

mixkey18 wrote: wow is amazing!!

donjapo wrote: Sorprendente material muy realista

vazduhuri wrote: very well done! thing thou, they are ancient roman and dacians, just like on Trajan's column in Rome

Teadux wrote: Breath taking!

pedja123 wrote: amazing!

aaron0512 wrote: WOW !!! awesome

aclub wrote: fantastic

anymore_edu wrote: damn!! awesome!

Marco wrote: WOW!

geraldo wrote: very good , very good

Weedboss wrote: Self-voting ftl... :/

joefate wrote: I can't load it . "error loding paramblock2" wrote: Why not Procedural.. xD Allright... It's impossible... So anyway 10 points...

PunkGuy wrote: may be the displacement map is fake. But i havent seen a mat like this here before! So perfect idea! Looks well to! its hard to make it batter/ or ever map from 3d. So good work man!

AniMill wrote: I went, "Oh wow... that's pretty amazing."

thr33dz2007 wrote: thanks for viewing eric.

Eric Sosa wrote: agree with capp. it is very basic and average for a good vraydisplacement mat....sorry :( I give u no votes, u got enougth with capps :)

thr33dz2007 wrote: thanks for the vote anyway...

capp wrote: very rare technic ? sorry, but it isnt. its just a normal greyscale texture. and its not working well, because for a proper displacement you need a proper map (just as a normal map). or you need to adjust the map properly (paint out the shadow side of the picture to avoid wrong displacement.) its not easy to make a good displacement map. ;-) this material need much more tweaking. sorry to say that, but its harder to get a cool chrom or glass material than to drag any greyscale picture in the displacement slot. :(

Meklon wrote: Wonderful) Thanks again) One of the most interesting materials here) Not like the mass of Materials like Chrome, Pure Glass... And others, that are made by changing two or three parameters only to promote themselves)) Thanks for work. How much time did it take?

alex2402 wrote: that material is really good my friend you're rock!!!!

martian_aphid wrote: gayreek you are a fag, this is the best of a set of great materials well done :)

thr33dz2007 wrote: hey! what's with the gayreek? is there any problem with the material I made? anyways, if you don't like it... thanks for viewing.

sayko5 (BANNED) wrote: gayreek haha

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