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 Machined metal

  Machined metal by watsonstudios

Category Metal
Date 2008-04-12 05:13:29
Rendertime 00:10:00
System -
Vray version 1.5 sp1
3dsmax version 9
Comment This is a material I've been waiting to create for a long time - now that you can assign a map to the anisotropic rotation - life is good - this is a true circular anisotropic pattern, not a cheap specular map - enjoy.
Note: This will only work with Vray 1.5 - uses the anisotropic rotation map.

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mephistoph wrote: Not the file shown in preview - please re-upload. Thanks!

kokuw wrote: thanx

zdi wrote: This is people voting the preview image. Which looks great. But isn't the linked file.

Banshee wrote: eh.... no it hasn´t. What a shame. Wrong shader mate.

Banshee wrote: The material library has been corrected.

melomandasaqui wrote: Wonderful, looks exactly like the Spirit of St Louis nose

mbaechler wrote: How can you retouch it to get the same result? I've got the fiber shader and rellay need the machine done. Anyone?

paruyan wrote: nice

uturn wrote: cool

vbn wrote: This is not the right material. When I load it it says "carbonfiber_1". Please fix this !!

fredX wrote: Oops ! the downloaded material is carbonfiber by the same author

Pirog123 wrote: rafa1986, haha! not carbon lol )) its mashined, how sais author.

jotacam10 wrote: it's huge material¡¡¡ congratulations and thanks¡

sarabanda wrote: wow!!!!!

rafa1986 wrote: carbon fiber..ain't machined..

sunnysingh wrote: these is real good but not working in max 8

daland wrote: Hi, this is a carbon fiber material, not machined metal.

judderman wrote: This is a fantastic looking material - however, the version I downloaded appears to be carbon fiber? It's black? Anyone have the proper material - either that or I'm being obtuse...

silert wrote: Amazing!

qwon wrote: good

SithSteve wrote: Nice for architectural work... Thanks!

daniken666 wrote: =)

thenitrox wrote: nice

watsonstudios wrote: To LevaLeva: I realize you can use the gradient ramp to create a similar effect but you can't have the circles overlap like the texture I provided - I tried that first.

LevaLeva wrote: the anizotropic rotation map can made of the set the procedural spiral gradients, i did it. if you like i'll modify this mat :)

Banshee wrote: nice

Meklon wrote: Very good work) Yhanks a lot) I've looked for this material for a long time)

mibelgue wrote: perfect!

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