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Sofa Leather

  Sofa Leather by PunkGuy

Category Organic
Date 2008-03-15 00:25:25
Rendertime 00:02:30
System q6600 nVidia 8800ultra 4gb ddr2
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment I made this one cause dont like some leather mat mush/ So there is my one have fun

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minhphat266 wrote: his displacement map right here: https://s2.photobucket.com/user/USSR/media/1.jpg.html

gsreenath wrote: no diffuse map

boonyarat wrote: good

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

dehamz23 wrote: Great, thanks!

guillermo_lizarraga wrote: good

ferdelaram wrote: great job! thank you!

Kotrin wrote: Thank you so much!

homayoon_fattahi wrote: this is awsome . thank you for being so kind .

juliogo wrote: Does not Work, is a joke?

vivoula wrote: where are the buttons?

dannytk wrote: Exelent

bernadetpatricia wrote: Excuse me, i'm a beginner in 3dsmax , can anyone help me to add the button texture? The texture on my 3dsmax only showed the leather one, but no buttons. if you know, please kindly send an email to ticialikesblue@hotmail.com . Thanks!

supertaurus wrote: thank you very nice texture

takethepowerback wrote: great!

anas chirakkal wrote: suuperb work..thnx my friend :)

filipemello wrote: Nice, great solution!

grafixgold wrote: This is really nice!

mnavarro wrote: very very helpful and thank you so much

rambo anas wrote: veryy helpfull :)

uturn wrote: cool

p.abhay79 wrote: It is very well like very much realistic.

serhio-80 wrote: Dandelion_leafs http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=2454

gobbar wrote: nice ^^

llexx wrote: thanks!

PeaceUN wrote: Where is displace map ????

thomthom0 wrote: thanxxxx

sqatter wrote: GRAAAAATE!!..thanks a lot

mukthar2 wrote: good

damon wrote: miss the displacement map!!

gaqkabo wrote: Very Nice!

gaqkabo wrote: Very Nice!

caleu wrote: great!!!!! thanks

ammar2120 wrote: thanks!

salonghair wrote: pertfit

salonghair wrote: pertfit

Morbid_Angel wrote: Damn it! Good one!

Narkotik wrote: GREAT!=)

tiger_strongs wrote: OK! tks may be it work

exsecutor wrote: Its like a burger on the McDonald's menu. It does not look like that when you download it. If you would mention that the displacement map is missing, It would not be so disappointing.

zaaabub wrote: don´t work

saltshaker911 wrote: this is Genius , Thank you

nechro wrote: it's cool, thanks...

reflexone wrote: One of the smartest materials I've ever seen. Simple, works great, looks great and overall very usefull. A++

PunkGuy wrote: its displacement mofos ;)

selant wrote: its only plain leather, the bump is not as its seen in the demo scene.

soldierstory wrote: its not working properly...the bump map is not there

soldierstory wrote: its not working properly...the bump map is not there

idealstxt wrote: no se puede bajar

youkishi wrote: nice hehe

kingbastard wrote: Good!

geraldo wrote: very good

amrsaleh wrote: thx


soldierstory wrote: wooow

K.F wrote: a little bit more glos and will be 10

sharon092 wrote: cool!!!

d8 wrote: goog....

Xupypr_ wrote: realistic

alex2008 wrote: so nice..............................................

madblaxz wrote: wow nice one. . anyway tnx

miculto wrote: GREAT!!!

Borko Djurovic wrote: rated this material width 10 Points

semkin777 wrote: 10

rowan wrote: rated this material with 7 Points

davanamsumanth wrote: please help me i am new to v ray how to use this material in to 3ds max , please send to davanamsumanth@gmail.com

miweiler wrote: Great! Well done!

alekson20 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

tallen3 wrote: sick bump

youtomviolence wrote: great bump

alekson20 wrote: it's super material, bump is very nice !

Blackmask wrote: Thanks for a very nice material!!

3d1m wrote: Wow that is a brilliant bump map on show there!

PunkGuy wrote: yeah may be a bit. thanks

Banshee wrote: My 2cents: The distance between the buttons and the scale of the leather texture don´t fit together. The leather texture should be a lot finer imho. Nice one still.

Foster117 wrote: SUPER! Thanks! ))

maxvray wrote: Nice Mat

PunkGuy wrote: may be im nor agry with you but lmao! the first person who explaned the low rate. Whats about displacement dont fogot that some sofas has deep drops like i did. Anyway have fun

tenkai wrote: exaggerated shine and displacement....

ray-xtreme wrote: Excellent Material!!!

arrival wrote: nice job!!

Jophus wrote: Fantastic Material.

mibelgue wrote: better than mine hehe

stephenjone5 wrote: great, but the displacement is a little too much... ;-)

Weedboss wrote: Everything works just fine to me. Great material, thanks a lot. ;-)

martian_aphid wrote: image doesnt work

PunkGuy wrote: Displacement http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y36/USSR/?action=view¤t=1.jpg

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