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  Butterfly by Meklon

Category Organic
Date 2008-03-14 23:18:48
Rendertime 00:03:59
System AMD DualDuron 2000 MHz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 2008
Comment Several material for the insect. Wings are made with opacity maps. Excuse me for bad render but this material is not for use with spherical objects.

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Majid13661371 wrote: BBBBBB

marpazm wrote: Sorry, I am new to render and have a somewhat naive question when to use this material need to model the butterfly first or is there any way just to put it in my model?

uturn wrote: cool

serhio-80 wrote: Dandelion_leafs http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=2454

navisblue wrote: very nice

claudia_soles wrote: Very nice, thanks!

Meklon wrote: It's a self-made texture of real insect)

nomed wrote: This site is about materials, not textures... but it's a nice texture

Meklon wrote: Maybe, I'll remake this material. I've got an idea to give a translucent effects on it. Of course i will cost growth of rendertime but much more realism, if you want to make the scene with camera to the objects. What do you think?

Shtirlitz wrote: Thats great! Великолепно! Белиссимо, ёпт!)

BBBBBB wrote: Very nice !

papatd wrote: Very nice !

k4ito wrote: Whooo hoo, nice=)

Cryther wrote: definitly a 10 ^^

shuhermayer wrote: thks!

Twilight wrote: КАЙФ!!!!

maiko wrote: woooooooooooooooooow

Meklon wrote: Thanks a lot)

dib4142 wrote: gooooooooood

Meklon wrote: Maybe that's because the living butterfly was dull?)) I think that advanced user could make a little colour adjustment to aquire a desired effect and texture)

Need_Help wrote: Not bad, but the colour seems a bit too 'dull' anyway

karmagria wrote: muy bueno

Meklon wrote: Not at all)) use it)

jbr wrote: nice.. really cool for small scale objects.. experiement ;) thx

Meklon wrote: mmm... Only 5(((

Alex Smith wrote: Sympathetic butterfly =) Where do you take her from?

Meklon wrote: Use it for your pleasure)) Thanks for comments

danielneg wrote: i like it thank you all

Meklon wrote: Thanks. The advantage of this texture is a possibility to use one polygon for each wing, because of opacity map. That's why it is useful for animation of many cloned objects.

capp wrote: i like it anyway.

Meklon wrote: There were some difficulties with the texture of front side of the wing... On the photo of butterfly it was partialy covered by the other wing, so I had to paint the back side of it manually to imitate the front texture.. That was awfull(( But I thin the result is satisfying. So enjoy))

Meklon wrote: Missing F049-1.jpg. Can you post to forum or should we just delete the file from the channel? I don't remember this file... Maybe this is some kind of bug. Delete it. The main files are named for the part of insect they are used for. For example Wing_Lower_Back_Diffuse.tiff

susanmoses wrote: Missing F049-1.jpg. Can you post to forum or should we just delete the file from the channel?

stephenjone5 wrote: If it looks like that on the flutterbye then its a great material! The opacity looks great too! I can imagine a bit of motion blur if you were to animate it. Well done! ;-)

Meklon wrote: first of all you need DEAD BUTTERFLY))) This material is rather good for animation of several flying insects, for example..

PunkGuy wrote: I dont like it much! but nice idea! and i think its very hard to make a butterfly mat. nice try

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