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 Ambient occlusion+Ink

  Ambient occlusion+Ink by mibelgue

Category Special Effects
Date 2008-03-13 13:42:05
Rendertime 00:08:31
System Core2Duo 2.66 4GbRAM
Vray version 1.50.17
3dsmax version 2008
Comment I saw that there wasn´t a material like this here. The material is to make the pass of ambient occlusion, very usefull for post-processing. It has the Ink and paint material too, this effect is used in architecture, hope you like it.
IMPORTANT: to make the ambien occlusion pass you must add this material in the render window->V-ray global switches->Override mtl. This substitude all the materials in scene for this. Hope you like it!

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kenin wrote: good work

marakis wrote: thanks!!

xequen wrote: Gr8 Thnx

msvera wrote: thankx

Revur wrote: Very cool!

IPB wrote: Very nice, thanx

mmalachy wrote: Very useful. Thanks!

juliogo wrote: Tnks!

edwin34 wrote: i want that!

cethuesen wrote: looks great!

breonsnow wrote: great!

globomidia wrote: Having Crash in Vray 2.0 wish some update :p

yavuz_kaya wrote: thanx :)

Hordak wrote: Awesome!

mampy wrote: i love vray rendring

zerolvin wrote: great material

xylee wrote: Nice, i was looking for this! Thanks

navan333 wrote: architecturally awesome!!!!!

hipercroquis wrote: thx!! =)

brehm wrote: oh, genius

mclaw wrote: Thanks a lot

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ard87 wrote: thank´s a lot for this material. Can you say me any vray setting to have shadows?

Socapilol wrote: Beautifull AO-material . works 100% thanks !

RodC wrote: thanks mib

raulizk wrote: No logro hacer que me quede el material como la imagen... cuando pongo una camara vray me sale en negro el material

fanintown wrote: i like this

KARCHEDON wrote: This material NOT WORK. Este material no funciona, no se carga en el editor de materiales.

gsteczko wrote: Really nice. Although can You my model comes out all grey with ink lines. Can You tell me what options to change or light to set in order to get the result similar to Yours?

Zerg wrote: I applied settings but It doesnt work? is there some other settings in vray render window for this mat. to work?

vboyz wrote: nice!!

alearh wrote: very good!!very good!!

zacleck wrote: the only thing i don't like about this material is the hard edge outlines. and the vray equivalent to an occlusion pass is to use a vray light material with a dirt material in the first slot.

sds87 wrote: Thank you very Much. its very good material!

joelmesanz wrote: just great!!!!

mamuco wrote: FILETE!

mamuco wrote: FILETE!

jaf243 wrote: makes any ambient pass look great, thanks

jaf243 wrote: makes any ambient pass look great, thanks

fabinou34 wrote: I love it ! Thanks !

miguelhleon wrote: this material is an architects dream, thank you so much.

anthone wrote: So nice Very useful for pos-tprod. Thanks a lot

LostDZ wrote: very useful :) 10 points

MAK.cz wrote: Nice work ! THX

arqrgalvez wrote: excelente!!! gracias!!!!

dafne wrote: muy bueno este material

projectile wrote: just what i was looking for ,thanks a ton!!

rdcanime wrote: Very nice

TooZyk wrote: Excelente

daemon1985 wrote: you're right man!IT's useful in architecture. Thanks a lot!

ryu00 wrote: some1 upload the working max9 file please?

powerpuff wrote: I use it for technical renderings as well. this enhances the sleek look as a contrast. A essential material!

.:::one:::. wrote: Its very important mat in arch. rendering. Thank you very Much Man !!!!

spartan wrote: Very individual

tomitama wrote: thanks!

datmos wrote: a images are needed, and the .mat don¡t work

mibelgue wrote: No, sorry about that, is made with max 2008, but if you follow the instructions it won´t be a problem, you must: 1- Create a new material of Ink´n paint. 2- In the Paint section, substitude the map of "lighted" with a VrayDirt. Now the material is ready. To change the values just go into the vray dirt and change basically the radius and subdivisions. 3-To make the occlusion pass for all your scene, just go to the render parameters->Global Switches->Mark Override mtl->grab from the library your ink material to the box of override, this will add the material for all the scene. CAUTION: I recommend to hide any transparent object before the render. Any question just ask here or to my mail.

resende30 wrote: Don´t open in Max 9?

Marcus engvall wrote: those this mtl work in max 9? i got a "invalid file only part of file loaded"

gastonz wrote: very useful indeed.

onderb wrote: very very useful like illustrate plug in thanks a lot

martian_aphid wrote: nice material

mibelgue wrote: Hi, a few things more: -If you want only the ambient image, just unmark the option of ink in the ink´n Paint material. -I reccomend to use for this pass instead of the Vray, the mental ray, it is faster and the results are similar. -To adjust the parameters just go inside the VrayDirt, and change the radius and subdivision for a better quality and result, or just play with parameters!

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