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 Spot Light

  Spot Light by Liam

Category Architecture
Date 2008-02-28 13:24:04
Rendertime 00:03:34
System Intel Quad 2398Mhz Standard
Vray version 1.5 RC5
3dsmax version 2008
Comment A Spot Light
With Refl Facets
With a Vray Light Blub.
Also A simple Plactic and a Glass Mat,
Maps and Max File with Model included.
Best of Luck

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routhi33 wrote: thank you

Woodmasalar wrote: Thank You. It seems nice.

FFDHLK123 wrote: ooks really good :)

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freakyyyy wrote: Nice thank you.

analyzer wrote: Nice one!

bastetgod wrote: great job.. really

Onix wrote: Thanks Liam!

zema wrote: thank you very much

shunx wrote: Thank you..

Lightingartist08 wrote: great thanks for this

quizz88 wrote: thanks a lot! appreciate the effort =D

uturn wrote: cool

zippofreak wrote: very nice Liam, thanks

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Gizmo0807 wrote: Crazy sweet!

V-12 wrote: Thanks

FriendlyMofo wrote: I got an error trying to open the max scene ;(

sem1 wrote: Big up! THANKS

weirer wrote: thanx

jaffa wrote: how to use it? it hs to make a cone model for mapping?

samjoephy wrote: crazy~~ thanks a lot!

maythekop wrote: good

giunkim wrote: thank you

3dkhalil wrote: very realistic good work

maxvray wrote: Realy cool thanks

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ramyoraby wrote: great material ,, thank you man keep going

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jasimkjawahir wrote: thx

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rickyforgive wrote: nice work

prakash.ete wrote: rated this material with 10/10 Points

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maxvray wrote: Its Nice Man.Thanks

maxvray wrote: NIce Mat

anupamtheeditor wrote: Excelent

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 9pts

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Liam wrote: 0 points? why whats wrong with it ?????

Liam wrote: thanks for the Votes.

ryanleunghc wrote: GREAT

PrinceRajput wrote: many thanks.. :)

danivray wrote: muy sobrado jjjjjjjjjjjj estaría un poco más realista con los hilos difuminados, pero por lo demás perfecto ;)

milkscone wrote: i had a scene where i had t have a lam. i never got to have the inside reflector to shine neither did the bulb. hope this helps otherwise it off to school for me.

mk1995 wrote: good stuff=)

bongqais wrote: thank you : )

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