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 Juancho el Caminante

  Juancho el Caminante by kaneone

Category Liquid
Date 2008-02-15 18:33:32
Rendertime 00:36:00
System workstation hp6400
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 9
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ArquiRenders wrote: Nice, Thanks.

marakis wrote: thanks!

KAWSAR HAMID wrote: Awesome

michaelzawmin wrote: wow

compadre wrote: jajajjaja oleee

wils00n1 wrote: Nice

aasinf wrote: Great material and amazing name

kabam2786 wrote: Love it!!

zterm wrote: Excellent! Will try it right now!

raohec wrote: thanks amazing!

katysha wrote: Perfection! Thank you :D

codeblack wrote: NICE ONE

Wormflush wrote: Hi guys, I have a problem: When I try to open it on C4D it says: Uknown format =S could anyone help me please? Thanks.

jlrubianog wrote: good materail

freakyyyy wrote: Woow!

19Ashley wrote: VERY GOOD

kamron_devil wrote: ty so much. we wana use it for oil

umkasn wrote: Very nice stuff. Thanks to the developer

uturn wrote: cool

groupeea wrote: Many thanks

cline wrote: very good

jinxson011 wrote: thanks!

bangaramnarina wrote: it's very fine like wine

adrincon2 wrote: Good!

adrincon2 wrote: Good!

Ronald285 wrote: jua jua jua!!! en otras palabras el Johny Walken criollo, muy bueno felicidades.

Ronald285 wrote: jua jua jua!!! en otras palabras el Johny Walken criollo, muy bueno felicidades.

魔血狼人 wrote: nice~ thks!!!

toulouse2k wrote: is it beer? Urine? Does it make any difference.

f_coro wrote: malo

f_coro wrote: wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sono wrote: It is beautiful.

Magnus123 wrote: WIIIIIIIII thx

Jericho_ wrote: I dont bellive my eyes :D 10

musiqal wrote: Perfectly made!

stevegek2 wrote: Hahahaha awesome, thanks fellow drinker! Now where's the bacardi...

grdnfrmn wrote: Материал канкретный!!!

oscarg23 wrote: lo mejor es el nombre!

xexomtnez wrote: genial

danivray wrote: simplemente, bestial ;)

frossjelly wrote: Wooo.... it's look real

chadyk wrote: hi amazing work, this is my email if u can send me the blue label the black gold and green please aakidd@hotmail.com

chadyk wrote: can u upload the rest black gold blue and green. please

prie wrote: perfeeecctt!!!

alemarroco wrote: amazing

jesse1981 wrote: cool!

robin_asdf wrote: great materials!

fudaryli wrote: jajaja que buen nombre tiene tu material, bastante hilarante y bastante bien hecho

dickie_ilagan wrote: great material

TooZyk wrote: Mucho nivel.

dasskilton wrote: Great

Patryk251 wrote: Really great material!

ray1618 wrote: Hey this looks great. Only I tried to open it. And had a missing dll for vray. any idea why my v-ray rc3 blend material or is missing or how to fix it?

dickie_ilagan wrote: truly good material

akdov wrote: thanks

mecaenet wrote: rated this material with 10 Points well done

dogiavien wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

danieldeath wrote: i applied this material. looks better,,and better and better THANKS :)

4des wrote: бухло!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

unseenlight wrote: Very realistic!

qwon wrote: perfect

bareboy wrote: super real man! thanks!

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 9pts

fidel fdr wrote: Es la mejor página q existe, gracias

bloc wrote: nice job :D

madblaxz wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

cgd14 wrote: very good job!

cryptocid wrote: IOR is not realistic a littele,but nice

Marcus193 wrote: Getting thirsty!!

danhelge wrote: This was sweet.. Thx dude

kaneone wrote: of course! wen i get redy the others...

edrock wrote: very good man!!! it's possible to share the whole family maps????

assaultzero wrote: 10

Finley wrote: 6 min on a 10+ Gb system :)

rmejia wrote: Mejor el blue label !

Chesire Cat wrote: Very very nice! Kust one SMALL thing: Although the model is very good it looks like as if the Label is INSIDE the bottle (to much glossiness) ;) THX for sharing!

ogmo wrote: I certainly do!!! 10 points from me :D

kaneone wrote: i hope you like it!!

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