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 Rusted gold

  Rusted gold by misifu

Category Metal
Date 2008-02-11 20:23:26
Rendertime 00:23:00
System pentium IV
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment metal oxiado con pintura metalica dorada,
version mejorada de mi anterior oro oxidado

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gurcangok wrote: wont inport

clubber350 wrote: Thank you so much

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

kokuw wrote: thanx

jwawong wrote: Awesome thank you!

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

rajuez wrote: downloaded the file. But material not showing in Max2016 with VRay 3.4 HELP PLEASE !!! I need this material

misailov wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

claukyy wrote: Reaaaaaally cool!

fariafrank wrote: Good.

annie87 wrote: whay dont you explain which photo goes where? i do not knoe how to creat this matirial alone

annie87 wrote: whay dont you explain which photo goes where? i do not knoe how to creat this matirial alone

joaomanhoso wrote: perfect

iammohan wrote: really Gr8!!

theBugaj wrote: Gold dont rust, gr8 material though

McMiki wrote: Found it. It was map linking problem. Nevertheless, great material!

McMiki wrote: Material looks great, but I can't load it. Both parts of material work just fine, however blend material doesn't. Anyone had same problem?

shiftdelete wrote: nice one thank you

nikulja wrote: looks great!

patricia9769 wrote: buenísmo

protosuar wrote: good

mihaius wrote: 23 minutes? hmmmm... I rendered this in 2 minutes

mihaius wrote: Go to school!!!! Gold doesn't rust or corrode. Gold doesn't react with acids. The material looks ok, I don't have the heart to rate it down.

mihaius wrote: ¿No hablas inglés? ¿Cuál es tu edad? That's too bad, dude...

macare wrote: Thank you very much!Nice material

shenigami wrote: Amazing. thx so much

grespigna flavio wrote: Grazie

cryptocid wrote: gr8 mat,nice map!

draco2006 wrote: Thank you very much

draco2006 wrote: Thank you very much

sujith123 wrote: good

TIMka01 wrote: very nice!!!!!

soishgk wrote: great!! I like it!!

lolko77 wrote: Amazing.

architects wrote: thanks , nice work

SYIH wrote: nice nice nice. love it.

bastetgod wrote: nice.....excelent

yyhlove wrote: Thanks~

Orai wrote: Cool material, but unrealistic- gold never rust.

vrayfthuzn wrote: fdsfdgdfgd

vrayfthuzn wrote: fdsfdgdfgd

kikedelf wrote: great material! Thanks!!!

sali21 wrote: good

Dream_s.catch.er wrote: i want it!

liyan358292798 wrote: nice work!

burock wrote: perfect

caracacheciolo wrote: just good mat

clemenzax wrote: f737c7287aeaaf79d756bd9c9904ff22

onderb wrote: shame i rated 10 points your every mat and you http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=1389

daddydylan420 wrote: IRON compounds rust, not GOLD, thats why we use it for jewelry...;) Good job, though...

SYIH wrote: i used it for an image frame..really nice!!!!!

Doc wrote: Even though you're probably not the only one with a "purchased" version of Max, VRay or whatever, it's still not allowed to use textures you have to pay for. And even if you did pay for them, you're not allowed to spread them like this. Just because people steal cars, doesn't mean you have to do it too. Oh, and yes, I have a legal copy of Max and VRay...

misifu wrote: Share is live

misifu wrote: I have seen more of a material with images of archmodel and 3dtotal, I bought volumes of 3d total, and you?

misifu wrote: How many of you have the 3dmax, purchased?

richter wrote: Good textures make miracles!! Especially if belong a 3DTOTAL.COM - Total Textures V3: Bases & Layers http://www.3dtotal.com/services/cds_new/v3.asp see the path of material: f:\texturasmaps3d\3dtotal.com volume_3_\maps_hi\t-masks\mas013.jpg See him in site of 3D total like proof: http://www.3dtotal.com/services/cds_new/v3/upgrade/texture_masksample01.htm Bad users insist to use textures copyrighted. Piracy is crime. The Moderator Banshee make warning here: http://www.vray-materials.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=695 This material must be deleted.

misifu wrote: This material is not GOLD RUST, ok.... only the name is rusted, old, metal with golden paint thanks for everybody

gamesfrager wrote: Gold DOES NOT rust !

Anvile wrote: Even though its a very nice material, you know that gold doesn't rust, right? ;)

ogmo wrote: 4 times 10 Points! really means something! awesome material

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