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Water Drops

  Water Drops by gamesfrager

Category Liquid
Date 2008-02-04 04:25:49
Rendertime 00:01:32
System Quad 2.4 3GB
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment Add some slash to your material.. Simple and fast water drops. Enjoy

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nidhinobinu wrote: ew

CochinSparta wrote: thank You

nautilus11 wrote: How do you assemble the materials from the lib? I can't get it to work.

Rico.id wrote: i was looking for this!! TQ.

icchan wrote: Luv it ;D

caiomaster wrote: Just saved my life! GREAT!

mu_688687 wrote: where is drop except drop there is every thing but there is no drops at all.

wakeart wrote: great!!! 1000 thanks!

mrjones wrote: All i get is red. Not drops!

maitane wrote: who is it?

maitane wrote: Heello, the photo is incredible, bur i can do it...who is it?

phybrid wrote: beautiful! :}

ScionOfWar wrote: The effect is ideal. Keep it up! I might use this later

mrmotinjo wrote: Amazing. My fancy bottle is now even fancier! :D

gamesfrager wrote: WOOO Thank you all for rating . My material is picked as material of the day :) . Thank you

frossjelly wrote: thank. I like this mat

justml wrote: Hi. you don't used any maps? Than why it is in slots with bump and diffuse maps ?in my material editor slot it is a simple grey color with specaular level very high on a sphere :( . I don't know, maybe i did something wrong...Can you help me to understand how it is this material made ? Thanks! (sorry for my english)

itg wrote: thank you very much

gamesfrager wrote: you are welcome

JackBauer wrote: Thanks a lot!

zrngajic wrote: ... extra...

lewis91 wrote: simply. Wow

gamesfrager wrote: thanks for downloading

whfest wrote: extra

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you all for rating. I hope you find my material useful.

Quietly wrote: Thanks

ali43ds wrote: this is cooooool, thanks alot for help

gamesfrager wrote: you are welcome

hardcorpsy wrote: Really nice, thank you my friend for this work.

gamesfrager wrote: I hope people would post their work with materials from this site.

muii wrote: nice !

muii wrote: nice !

bloc wrote: woooooow nice job

hanafosgogo wrote: berrygood

Kuddel wrote: 10

ngochai wrote: too impressive! keep your performance, guy ^^

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you all

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you all

kitt wrote: cool...thx 4 sharing

nitrousoxide wrote: Great job, adds that instant flare to any scene.

nitrousoxide wrote: Great job, adds that instant flare to any scene.

playa4real wrote: rated as a 10 (deserve it)

tonysh0663 wrote: nice try we need more and rated this material 8

gamesfrager wrote: I have not used any maps to texture, it is all procedural material. If you mean the VRAY logo and the other stuff, you don't need them. Let me know what was the error message and I will try solving it for you. Good luck

DirtyWorld wrote: Where I can get the maps you used? I render this with Finalrender, I´ve not V-Ray with the standard maps.

jenniferjeyakumar wrote: 10 points

jenniferjeyakumar wrote: 10 points

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you for the comments

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you for the comments

kaneone wrote: really nice!!!!! so easy and so good!!

gamesfrager wrote: Thank you all

Astorias wrote: useful, thanks

nataly wrote: lllllllllll

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