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 Lightning / Cracks / Electricity

  Lightning / Cracks / Electricity by Banshee

Category Special Effects
Date 2008-01-28 17:54:10
Rendertime 00:07:13
System Intel Dual Core 3 GHz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment Hi,

just a simple effect material. Either clear the second blend material slot and give it 0% opacity or 100% transparency (then you only get the lightnings) or pull a surface you prefer into the second slot. Put the blend-mask into the bump slot of the new material (or use it even as displacement - here you only see bump).

You need 2 additional plugins (which you should have installed anyway...;-) )
Both are 100% free and from blur-studios.
Get "Electric" and the "blur.lib". You can find everything you need here: www.maxplugins.de or simply google them.

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nolipineda101 wrote: tnx! :)

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

mariafouli wrote: thank you

casualRenderGuy wrote: nevermind. I just copied blur.lib and electric.dlt to the /3dsmax plugin folder. Works fine. Thanks!

casualRenderGuy wrote: Hello, I am new to 3dsMax 2017 and can't find any information how to install the blur.lib and Electric v.3 from maxplugins.de. Thanks for your help!

samirsh wrote: hi thanks

msvera wrote: thankx

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

amir.sh007 wrote: material for google skp

Lightingartist08 wrote: great thanks for this

ame_d_ame wrote: nice

be_heo2813 wrote: great !!!

zaiden wrote: rggfg

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

abdullahalbaki wrote: that's great

speck wrote: Haven't tried it yet but that look badass!

zakaria698 wrote: r

paaman wrote: thank.........

nnq2603 wrote: IMO, light/electric element doesn't looks fine enough to compare cracks... but it's nice mat.

ChanceR0 wrote: beautifully done

Sr.Verde wrote: Exactly i´m looking for!!

ghost13 wrote: excellent

hernann wrote: espectacular

qwon wrote: good

spiderbartox wrote: fantastic

spartan wrote: Top shelf 10 out of 10

ichi wrote: another super cool :D

xuyunke123 wrote: nice,it's so cool

Cogu wrote: Cool

3d2.studio wrote: Vamos a revisar este porque se ve muy unteresante

storaket wrote: Nice, really cool

ijzg wrote: u´r plugings are the best of the best man, even if hadn´t try them ´cause i dont have the program, i´ll like to now how can i download vray, can somone help me ijzg@hotmail.com

sincrol wrote: Beautiful.

miweiler wrote: wow ;)

rmejia wrote: awesome

altertig wrote: cool

enigmaenigma wrote: cool material!!

ashtar01 wrote: very cool!

LevaLeva wrote: making without any textures costs my ten ))

Astorias wrote: Holy cow!

Banshee wrote: Oh, can of course be animated - just play around with the electric paramters.

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