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 LAVA Rock / Magma

  LAVA Rock / Magma by Banshee

Category Stone
Date 2008-01-25 12:27:11
Rendertime 00:09:36
System Intel Dual Core 3 GHz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment Hi there,

this is a fully procedural lava / magma material.
Use the Light-materials for self-illumiation and lighting, use the displacement map in the rock layer for the vray displacement.
You can of course change the mask maps to alter the structure of the lava / rock mix to maike it look more solid or even more liquid.

Can also be animated using the Threshold values and the phase of the blendmaps!

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atosuwan wrote: Thank you!

francisco.jaime wrote: Thank you!

diggingosari wrote: nice!

compadre wrote: bueno

compadre wrote: GREAT

rajsun wrote: nice pack lava rock

vdeimos1 wrote: thank you

drasticsoul wrote: thank you

jsyang8864 wrote: thank you

guatafuk wrote: render time increced but still worth it tnx

morian wrote: great !!

HoraceGrossman wrote: Looks great!

sjm931120 wrote: thank you!!!

arturdesamenezes wrote: I like it!

debneyink2 wrote: doesn't work with max 2019?

ksb0944 wrote: wow!! Nice

memer wrote: cool

bank508 wrote: Thanks :)

anson76 wrote: great material! thak you

shunei96 wrote: THank you

JosoJtr wrote: amazing *-*

apirapol wrote: nice

SkyShazad wrote: amazing

safak92 wrote: great material! thak you

maxaseel wrote: wow

chovvder wrote: Nice

Daniel_ju wrote: awesome!!

Skys wrote: is this compatible with cinema 4d?

mxmxma wrote: Awesome..

ranfunk wrote: nice!!

dwalkerg wrote: coooool

hiforall wrote: very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Adrio999 wrote: Thank you! :)

silverman71 wrote: Just what I needed! Excellent material!

uturn wrote: cool

uturn wrote: cool

knarx wrote: can this be used with rhino vray? it looks awesome

estebanet wrote: Excellent!!!!

Bloodstorm wrote: I love it, I want to create a scene just so that I can use it, lol.

Espie1979 wrote: This is truly amazing. Excellent work

homeworld wrote: nice mat, good job

ScionOfWar wrote: Very nice, I'm going to have to use this! Animate-able, you say? Looks worthy :D

vckstd wrote: super job

ph.robert wrote: Wouaouh ! Very good job !

Reldnahc wrote: Good Job o/

samuel12 wrote: 9 points

samuel12 wrote: porqueria

samuel12 wrote: porqueria

protx wrote: perfect

Banshee wrote: redR what´s the problem -.-

renzituo wrote: COOL&BEST

mt_2a wrote: WOW

bugibye wrote: really really great...u should see the picture i created with your material :D

Varinder S wrote: sorry didnt want to make 0

marc0711 wrote: bärfekt

jojo1975 wrote: Awesome !

mecaenet wrote: OMG, thats nice, god job men

frankiller wrote: Oh my god! this is really awesome!

mixkey18 wrote: Awesome

sedona wrote: sorry...fault my mouse....

unus wrote: bravo ...supeerrr

deadponny wrote: Wow....this is the crazyest man!! =D

malina0807 wrote: awesome:)

Marco wrote: MAGMA cum laude!!!! :D

miweiler wrote: incredible, what precedural maps can do...!

atroix wrote: excellent

atroix wrote: exellent

Funerario wrote: Awesome! looks like Fu#&% real

breekbiet wrote: This really looks nice!!!

Banshee wrote: Thanks all :-) @Capp: Jau ;-) Aber ein kompletter Neu-aufbau mit anderen Maps, ohne Plugins. Daher neues mat, neues Glück ;)

stephenjone5 wrote: vray vray nice...

ghostcat wrote: amazing. like always :-)

vfxwest wrote: Great work Banshee! I can't wait to play with a few animations. Your materials are always top-notch! Thanks, it's greatly appreciated!

capp wrote: ah. das personifizierte sodbrennen :D

martian_aphid wrote: banshee brings it home again, thanks for an awesome mat =D

ashtar01 wrote: very good.

elisacat wrote: Finially! a procedural texture ! I love procedural textures!!:)Thanks!

Astorias wrote: nice

LevaLeva wrote: Perfect!

Clayman wrote: Great!

Chesire Cat wrote: there´s nothing left to say => 10 & THX

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