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Sexy toy

  Sexy toy by s.samadzadeh

Category Plastics
Date 2008-01-21 18:22:25
Rendertime 01:56:00
System P4 2085 2G ram
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 7
Comment Shame! but beautiful...
This is my GF sex toy materal ! sorry but I cant name it anything else... If I have break any roles, pls tel me!

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johill wrote: tengo un problema...la mayoria de los materiales se bajan con un formato desconocido para el vray, alguien sabe decirme como lo soluciono por favor??

vintager wrote: دمت گرم... یه ساعت ترکیدم از خنده... هیچ کسی چنین چیزی نساخته ولی تو ساختی... :D :D :D

snaily wrote: gagagaagga dats so cool!!

de_profundis wrote: hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! You rock!! :P :P

mamuco wrote: XD!

3dwannab wrote: my girlfriend was looking for this haha

jodapiento wrote: nice lamp,,,,kidding ;)

shakur wrote: LOOOOOOL

ferretallica wrote: hahahaha

Darius51 wrote: o_0? ...)))

yoonasts wrote: sorry mr. samadzadeh what benefit of these material in v ray rendering

hardcorpsy wrote: haha awesome ^^ !

vraymui2 wrote: cool! XD

I_I_I wrote: xD ))

I_I_I wrote: Ð?ффтар жжот! ))

Andrew Cross wrote: XD)))

xuyunke123 wrote: U are very...interesting

danhelge wrote: Cool material, but a dildo ? Seriously dude ! :P

pomland wrote: congratulations DUDE

e_pod wrote: ..hehehehe, shame on you dude, while you are spending time on vray material exploration your girlfriend has to spend her time on sex toy exploration, hehehe .... aaargh

maak9 wrote: If you broke any rules, please break some more! lol Nice job.

s.samadzadeh wrote: Thank you all...

Ushlak_Morante wrote: lol

Astorias wrote: For such a simple material far too grainy.

3DCreator wrote: hum... well, a pink translucent material.

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