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Death Skin

  Death Skin by Funerario

Category Special Effects
Date 2008-01-04 14:49:01
Rendertime 00:04:57
System Dell Precision M90, Intel Core 2. 3,25 of RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version MAX-9
Comment I made this material based on SAW (the movie) the human flesh looks like a little bit disgusting. It is my first material on this site

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tmvhs00 wrote: oh...my god!

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

EvilHomer wrote: Disgusting, but in a good way!

CarlosPP wrote: Scary!!

Linkipunk wrote: Plese, more Gore materials ^^ thanks

Bordy wrote: fantastic!^^ 10 Points

miweiler wrote: I won´t meet your material at night... !

mihaius wrote: I think this would look fine for distant creatures or humans. Maybe I'll need it sometime.

donjapo wrote: mummy skin

icho144 wrote: uuuuuffff

nampro wrote: oh man!! it's terrible.... but i like it XD

sLAZKOPAT wrote: nice zombie ;)

MDRID wrote: gonna try it out! thnx!

nevermore89 wrote: nice zombie ;)

s.samadzadeh wrote: great!

Razorx3d wrote: great mat

ekiken wrote: nice!!

darkplague wrote: Finally some gore material!!! Hail to you mate!


Clayman wrote: Wow!

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