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Champagne Glass

  Champagne Glass by Chesire Cat

Category Glass
Date 2007-12-31 11:05:02
Rendertime 01:30:00
System -
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9

Looking forward to new exciting materials in 2008!!

Cheers Chesire Cat :D

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DinoPham wrote: nice! thank

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

lucasmoreno87 wrote: excelente

The First Lady wrote: good

francois cusson wrote: merci François

xmathis83 wrote: thx~~~

xmathis83 wrote: thx~~~

yesak wrote: grt

Bloodstorm wrote: I think its an awesome mat, but...not really so much for champagne glasses :)

RedSamurai wrote: Thanks but no!

blubloodsx wrote: looks great.. thanks.

amazlng wrote: haha what on ever loving gods name it is?

deccanking wrote: good

Landusky wrote: Thanks

AngelWitch wrote: tnx

subrata biswas wrote: looking for 3d-8ver materials

bagu wrote: boa

bareboy wrote: You´re sick! I love you!

sali21 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

MAK.cz wrote: Material is cool, but 3d models look crazy ;/

n00b wrote: I dont know wtf is it, but it looks awesome! 10 points

fuku_2008 wrote: very nice material

emergency82 wrote: anlamadım

Astorias wrote: what the..... is this?... Looks very confusing.

Chesire Cat wrote: This material was mainly meant to say "Happy New Year" to you all and was inspired by a Champagne Glass Design Collection named "Ritzenhof" which is quite popular here in Austria. BTW - If you only apply the "Design" Material rendering time decreases significantly. It´s the Blend with the Glass that takes up so much time! Cheers Chesire Cat :D

rmit wrote: good

SgtSKU wrote: interesting material... but it's hard finding somewhere to use it! xD

ogmo wrote: I dont like it at all...

onderb wrote: good but it is not usefull and render time is very very big ( 01:30:00 )

Exno wrote: happy new year ;)

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