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Stone Wall

  Stone Wall by mibelgue

Category Stone
Date 2007-12-13 19:50:44
Rendertime 00:05:51
System Dual2 2.66ghz 4gbRAM
Vray version 1.5RC3
3dsmax version 9
Comment Can be usen on large surfaces. It looks a bit "damaged" but making the displacement less pronunciated it get fixed.

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bianca martins wrote: amazing :)

gabrielacarolinam wrote: thanks!

norhanhosam wrote: thanks a lot

1cK0n wrote: ty

mrr wrote: thanks

Nisreen wrote: ???? ??

Juliana01 wrote: thanks!

marst wrote: ty

karakas34 wrote: wowwowo

jhenich wrote: thnaks !!!!!!!

guillermo_lizarraga wrote: very good

Marenna 2016 wrote: 9 points

primaryvick wrote: thanks for this material mibelque

Pochtar wrote: nice material

rph17 wrote: Stone nice

elpeju wrote: Excelente, me salvaste, gracias por el laburo!!!

zema wrote: thank you very much for sharing your work

Alejaandro wrote: Perfect to add personality to any volume.

uturn wrote: cool

arq.oscarrangel wrote: good

yampo wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

titan11 wrote: its beautiful the colors that have

alex2008 wrote: very good job ¡

mouhamed ali wrote: thanks

rot187 wrote: genial

unit wrote: super

Ziad Haddad wrote: very good

xuanthuan031 wrote: this material with 10 points

atia_julii wrote: looks very well to me, i used and work perfectly. thanks!!

bohemian wrote: i love for everybody always open

bohemian wrote: yuhuu....can i get it free??

bohemian wrote: ugh...hard work babe

ilson wrote: it is great. it works great for arch walls.

erglobus wrote: special and fine texture

erglobus wrote: special and fine texture

hamoodg wrote: nice mat thanx :D

PrinceRajput wrote: sweet

ThongdEvil wrote: Very nice work !

PANJI wrote: i think it's very good material

h2s wrote: nice

win_materials wrote: YUU..ITS OKAY!

win_materials wrote: YUU..ITS OKAY!

popoff wrote: ... well , I`ll use textures only ( cuz I work with Vray for Rhino ) , but your mat is aaaaamazing ! +10

mibelgue wrote: Rmejia: Si quieres el material sin tantos agujeros simplemente quita el mapa de desplazamiento, con el bump sólamente podría bastar. Si te refieres a un mapa con sólo las divisiones no lo tengo, sería tirar de photoshop....

am-2009 wrote: OK

rmejia wrote: Nice, do you have any with a less "damaged" material?

sun66322 wrote: OK

musel wrote: nice

fa-mo wrote: thank you good work

pickles24 wrote: Very Nice

safiy wrote: Wow!

onderb wrote: very very realistic good job also short render time thanks a lot

capp wrote: i like the colors very much.

datsemo wrote: thanks

Chesire Cat wrote: nice one - thx

lopreto wrote: very nice

mibelgue wrote: well, I think the model didn´t representate very well how it works in flat surfaces with detail...

Ushlak_Morante wrote: nice but you shouldnt really mess with the scene extending beyond the bumturd

mibelgue wrote: thanks

PunkGuy wrote: good job! looks hot!

sirfis wrote: great good job ^^

sgkmania wrote: NIce! thanks....

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