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Polished Concrete

  Polished Concrete by Pebetusco

Category Architecture
Date 2007-12-11 01:24:39
Rendertime 00:09:15
System AMD 64 1800 Mhz Nvidia Geforce 5700 1GB Ram
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 3D max 8
Comment polished concrete with bump bitmap

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Borregore wrote: ill try this

Patrick22 wrote: good

nbabani wrote: love this material

cornerofart wrote: Where is the fucking material, just textures come on

zivtam wrote: no mat

prisci89 wrote: no mat

dxiang wrote: fianlly got this web and i can enjoy the vray

up-untitled wrote: gooD!

soundball wrote: thank you

gilberti wrote: it is a good materiall for a "brutalismo" architecture

sumnix wrote: no mat, only maps

azuzar66 wrote: rate this material whit 9 points

btee wrote: I'm confused. Polished concrete is smooth, not bumpy. Doesn't really look like polished concrete to me.

kuroiei wrote: No required textures in the archive!

delaimo13 wrote: no *.mat included in the zip file

finger_waverz wrote: terima kasih from malaysia!

mouhamed ali wrote: thanks

popodepwerr0 wrote: re as`peroooo!!

dupadeimos wrote: you forgot the .mat file

Abelittoo wrote: Good..!!

421Lenka wrote: thanx

gonzalorcastre wrote: thaks

danielz wrote: the mat file would be really helpful

EvilKnievel wrote: Hmmmm...... since thee's no mat file, you basically have to figure out the settings yourself. Thanks for the pics. but under a 'material' I understand more than just a bunch of pics I can use for making myself a material.

finalfantasy7 wrote: just what i was looking for!

adik wrote: 10 points! i love concrete so much!

River wrote: Including a .mat file or at least instructions on how those 4 bmp's are used would have been really clever.

onderb wrote: there is no mat in rar

andrewjohn81 wrote: this doesn't look polished at all. Why is it called polished. Oh, and polished concrete is very common on high end counter tops here in the US.

Chesire Cat wrote: thx for the info - can you also tell me what polished concrete is used for?

martian_aphid wrote: you can get concrete with a highly polished finished, the first person who really achieved this was ando

Chesire Cat wrote: why would someone polish concrete? :P

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