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  FIRE by Chesire Cat

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-12-10 20:53:57
Rendertime 00:02:04
System -
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
I used ghostcats "Burning Wood" Texture
and a GREAT Fire Texture I found on the internet (from a guy named a4g.exo)
It´s a free download and I thought it so great I made a render and willing to share.
Cheers Chesire Cat :D

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onlycolours wrote: So good! Thanks for this

abdullahbasbugg wrote: thank yo danke schön


compadre wrote: BUENO

Mikl_1 wrote: thanks

Tau97 wrote: THX <3

Patrisica wrote: thanks ! :)

orgon wrote: i will chekc it

linhyu207 wrote: wow thank you

11oct96 wrote: mind to teach me how to use this??

randy125 wrote: THANKS!

ayah89 wrote: thanks

Mykal_10 wrote: Excellent

ernesto0335 wrote: thanks

wangxi wrote: nice work, mate.

necatidegirmen91 wrote: SÜPER BİR METERİL ÇOK TEŞEKKÜR EDERİM :)

yuezhishao wrote: thanks for your share

1016945481 wrote: thank you

dwalkerg wrote: g:)

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

ungelivabman wrote: nice work

pavelsh wrote: TNK .... Pavel

ryan.58 wrote: How has everybody else given this a 10?!...Theres no material maps?!

goofygrape wrote: :)

1078431956 wrote: i like it

Miadb wrote: Thank you!

giulia123 wrote: 9

uturn wrote: cool

drariopi wrote: Don't work on Vray for SketchUp.

sgajate wrote: sin mapas

Herman wrote: Okay I won't rate it but fine job old chap!

yuriusmagnus wrote: no maps

gumby1 wrote: Looks cool can't wait to try it!

theking_11 wrote: thanx

Gato08 wrote: Wow!!!

kourouman wrote: Realy tnk u!!!

dcabrg wrote: Very god work, man. Did you use a particle emiter??

tapone wrote: Great !

sarahp wrote: this is awesome

rob_hoffman2003 wrote: incredible, mat

ghost13 wrote: very cool

animation engineer wrote: thanx for this nice material

weslei wrote: Apliccation error =[ I lost my project???

lovemom wrote: thx mann!!

Cogu wrote: Great!

alezx wrote: very helpfull!

alezx wrote: very helpfull!

ghostcat wrote: :-) :-) :-)

fa-mo wrote: thank you

tarek_talaat wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

teikai wrote: thx

teikai wrote: thx

mandarkarve wrote: amazing material...very very useful for animating...thnks a lot

minotauro wrote: ahsuhsausahsa muito bom

louis3000 wrote: good

lopreto wrote: it's good

reinoks wrote: Not bad ...Not bad at all, could be useful ! Keep it up !

Chesire Cat wrote: Your voting is forwarded towards Ghostcat and "a4g.exo"! I just did the Particles/Wind-System! ;-)

Chesire Cat wrote: @ ghostcat: Your mat is one of my all time favorite - hope you don´t mind using it here as "Base" Material? ;-)

Chesire Cat wrote: @ Brooks: The Fire Mat is included - the rest is a material which Ghostcat has uploaded (sse the link above) You need a PArray/Wind System of course!! Cheers Chesire Cat :D

Brooks wrote: it didnt work coz u forgot include the maps

PunkGuy wrote: nice mat!

ghostcat wrote: Nice work :-) I like it :-)

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