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Green Carpet

  Green Carpet by Monaro_PL

Category Cloth
Date 2007-12-10 20:15:02
Rendertime 00:11:47
System Intel Pentium 4 3,3 Ghz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment Just a green carpet.

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MOONLEE wrote: nice work!

ht wrote: when I need a carpet just a green one I use it

ta-pone wrote: thank

matutego wrote: great!!

bmore3d wrote: no maps, awesome

ahmedsamir400 wrote: very good thanks

allenkg wrote: nice!!!

eudeny wrote: material nota 8

soho10480 wrote: great

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

sedg wrote: love it

mc stephen wrote: great, thanks

virus2008_4u wrote: http://mxmgallery.maxwellrender.com

Mr.SAN wrote: Looks very nice ;)

kable wrote: very nice

plucky wrote: very nice


tsquaredesignstudio wrote: nice, I'll tried using this one.

noezoo wrote: look nice

fa-mo wrote: thank you for map

seldon wrote: very nice

Monaro_PL wrote: 1280 MB of RAM

Monaro_PL wrote: 1280 MB of RAM

Ushlak_Morante wrote: very good and not bad render time, how much ram?

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