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  Water by Zee2174

Category Liquid
Date 2007-12-04 07:08:46
Rendertime 00:47:30
System AMD/MODEL:4 1796Mhz
Vray version 1.50.09
3dsmax version 8
Comment transparent water

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kokuw wrote: thanx

katysha wrote: very nice! thank you

bloodi3d wrote: Thank you :)

jwhjxdd wrote: i wanna try it

jotalcz wrote: good

allen_bakemono wrote: somebody have work to show please follow me at instagram

allen_bakemono wrote: too lazy to create self material lol... thanks chaos group

yesasd wrote: Very Nice !!! Thanks

kakito wrote: would it work on 3d max 2010 ??

Jaffri110 wrote: Nice to find this material here....

secretword wrote: thnx alot

Rulz wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

loky121266 wrote: good

patysia2 wrote: thanks :)

eltapia wrote: thanks!

denizbober wrote: nice

pranab501 wrote: 10

dcabrg wrote: very good. ;)

milky62 wrote: :) nice

Batofa wrote: Thanks a lot!

mike1038 wrote: good stuff

hamza12 wrote: dddfd

mt_2a wrote: THX

Deniz3d wrote: thanks, very good

zabbri wrote: vwery good

abdodarwesh wrote: thank u alot for these wonderfull materials

totoriello wrote: very nice

edic18 wrote: good

elarund wrote: thanks :D

yanniwoman wrote: thanks~~

shiftdelete wrote: thanks alot

kenshin216 wrote: great job

hanafosgogo wrote: thank good ~

PrinceRajput wrote: kewl

aerofloto wrote: great¡¡

sephirothsav wrote: i´ts nice

arcad wrote: thanks!

seye wrote: 试试看效果如何

alezx wrote: thanks for the materials.. this is very helpfull

ploteoq wrote: thanks for it!

aghil2007 wrote: Thank you very very much

bu4ardo wrote: very useful

lopreto wrote: very good material

thebreeze3d wrote: beautiful

capp wrote: looks like dirty water

yuandayy wrote: how to download?

e2g wrote: thegrandmaster1 just change the renderer to Vray renderer first ,you would see it

Clayman wrote: thegrandmaster1, it works just fine. Thanks to Zee.

thegrandmaster1 wrote: Looks like an awesome material, but I can't get it to load in my material editor. Anyone else having this problem?

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