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  concreteE2g by e2g

Category Architecture
Date 2007-12-04 04:47:09
Rendertime 00:00:09
System Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500
Vray version 1.5rc
3dsmax version 3dmax9
Comment I alway have to do all the outdoor scene by the concrete material came out is flat and boring.This one might useful as very fast render.


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RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

aglezt wrote: great!!

daxiongji wrote: gd

locoroco wrote: nice material, but it doesn´t look like concrete

locoroco wrote: No offense!

jbr wrote: thanks...

melissita247 wrote: i love d it

e2g wrote: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b114/e2g/glistter.jpg maak9 here's the material when is render out.So please tell me where the fooly stupid glitter.

e2g wrote: dear Mark quite sure that u re'not architect,so i would like to explain in picture how does the material will do.

maak9 wrote: That glitter just looks wrong. What sort of concrete is it ment to be?

yvansteiner wrote: yeah nice one!

hazem_treasure wrote: thanks for the concrete material it is really cool ....i will use it in my project ...i study architecture

haola wrote: Check off Sub-pixel mapping and you'll be fine. For now, it's a bit weird in the reflection/glossiness

Funerario wrote: fix a little bit the Glossiness

mark wrote: whoever rated this material 5 points must have been using vray to render ms paint drawings.

darkhaha wrote: 9

e2g wrote: Thanks for all of Vote and comment

D_i_m_o_n wrote: !!!

tofy210 wrote: thanks to all

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

e2g wrote: Dear Clayman the shiny is was to get and reflect the ambient,it wont very glossy

Clayman wrote: Good but isn't it a little too shiny for concrete?

martian_aphid wrote: this where a render with the material in a real scene would be helpful! im not sure the bumturd does this one justice, good work =D

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