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  Wicker by kylane

Category Wood
Date 2006-09-06 02:54:41
Rendertime 00:21:14
System Dell Dimension 9150 DualcoreD 3.4Ghz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment This isnt the highest res material, but it works really well on props like lamps and decorations. Also with the opacity map, makes a kickarse lamp. Be sure to add a vraydisplacementmap to your object to get the rounded wicker look.

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eviko wrote: thank you

itsapats wrote: thank you!!

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

SAMY342 wrote: Thanks :)

as90pl wrote: great!!

artur92 wrote: Thanks

genti_h wrote: great

1983nightcrawler wrote: thanks a ton was lookingfor a nice material like this for a basket mesh for my scene!! yeaahhh finally found it!

guntur wrote: good material

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: cute

PunkGuy wrote: sorry for double posting(have no clue how to delet the first one) so the share looks like a flat texture

PunkGuy wrote: not bad... may be it cant be batter... it have to be a model...

Dominik.Martinez wrote: seems a little stretched.

funkysoul wrote: oh wow :) This really looks great :)

ob3ron wrote: This mat looks great from the preview. Which version of max do you use? I cant open your max file, can u share plz the mat file too? Tnx

CADinho wrote: Thanx

peugeot_bebe wrote: just what I need. Thanks!

vbn wrote: _It would be nice if you had use those ideas on your material preview picture so we could se the displacement map working and stuff...._

kylane wrote: I did.

kylane wrote: I did.

marcelo.perini wrote: Looks good, and I liked your sugestions on the comments. It would be nice if you had use those ideas on your material preview picture so we could se the displacement map working and stuff....

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