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  Guinness by kaneone

Category Liquid
Date 2007-11-12 11:33:07
Rendertime 00:03:59
System Sony Vaio FE
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment beer, liquid, glass, foam and logo

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qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq wrote: amazing!

kabam2786 wrote: Love it!!

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

katysha wrote: Perfection! Thank you :D

luchosoto wrote: awesome!

hpf wrote: WOW COOL

vampireyazz wrote: GREAT MATERIAL!!!!!

jdemarco wrote: cool

syedrumaan wrote: plz help me how can i download this files

Yavladimir wrote: Looks like a real beer! its wonderful... but this material not for the cinem 4d (...

Dervon wrote: Wow! Thank you so much. I rated this material with 10 points. Cheers!

demon_1987 wrote: Awesome. =)

toulouse2k wrote: I love Guiness. Is this nitro-brewed

jamesheat7 wrote: su koy

ReconProG wrote: Very nice. You could, though, work some more on the foam. :)

Roy2059 wrote: MASTER!

jonypistolas wrote: woowww

projectile wrote: very good mat indeed!

sparkweb wrote: hips ... good job

vert wrote: Круто...

bagienny wrote: Cheers! Great material ;-)

4des wrote: Пивкоооооооооооо!!!!!! :)

conjeo wrote: Perfect!

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Absolute stunner!

gamesfrager wrote: nice, i would only suggest adding translucency to the foam so it wont look solid

dasss wrote: wowwww

mr.luca wrote: JAJAJA

malina0807 wrote: Very good, very good

mastang wrote: gr8 material man

Ger22 wrote: The blackness of the Guinness is perfect but the head should have a smoother texture see:

Ger22 wrote: The blackness of the Guinness is perfect but the head should have a smoother texture see:

demon_1987 wrote:

kuraha wrote: I will try right now!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

Corrado-San wrote: mmmm cola... i like it = )

VisionQuest wrote: Nice stuf. Great job !

rinarch wrote: Thank you so much :D It's very nice !

lanterna wrote: uuuuuu ... pretty nice

neur0 wrote: Now i want guiness :|

Sepultura wrote: My Godness! my Guinness! wonderfull!

chachi wrote: greatest beer EVER...excellent mat!! Looks perfect to me..

PunkGuy wrote: looks like.. oil or whatevr . same more transparancy would be nice for me

Exno wrote: even with all the explination the beer simply is black. It looks like your drinking some kind of 'flued' black latex. Might just be me, but hey ^^.

Banshee wrote: hrhr :)

Need_Help wrote: The foam is too 'hard' (maybe lack of some transparancy?) and the 'beer' also needs to have some transparancy too...overall is not bad

capp wrote: I like guiness very much ! maybe a liiiiiiiiiiitttlee more transparence, but shit on it :)

Porc_roig wrote: [url][/url] hope the link works... for those who say it's "too black" and have never seen a Guiness pint...

EliosART wrote: nice, thanks!

EricCamper wrote: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe...No one has said this yet....Geez :-)

EricCamper wrote: And Guiness IS BLACK...LOL Nice job

EricCamper wrote: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe...No one has said this yet....Geez :-)

Chesire Cat wrote: a little bit too dark - otherwise...CHEERS! :D

Ushlak_Morante wrote: its guiness n00b it is dark ;P

deanowen1984 wrote: looks awsome man. The colour looks perfect guinness by the way.

Exno wrote: It looks way to dark for beer, the rest is ok, but not very realistic (the foam is how ever)

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