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 Aquamarine Pale

  Aquamarine Pale by ashtar01

Category Transparent
Date 2007-11-08 15:55:11
Rendertime 00:08:32
System INTEL/P4 2.27GHZ
Vray version 1.5 RC5
3dsmax version R9 SP1
Comment Other gemstone.Depending the rate, i will share others which i have here.If you rate low explain politely, please, for i improved my skills, otherwise, I will not
contribute more for community.Especially for jewellery and Lapidary workers like me.
I leave for the most skilled users which rate low without motive.Thanks and enjoy. :)

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nolipineda101 wrote: thanks!

fearis643 wrote: thankyou

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

msvera wrote: thankx

Justo.cnArte wrote: thanks

ricardogm129 wrote: good element, great.

meethot wrote: Thank you so much

el3saly wrote: i like thatt

joselete3d wrote: I think that the material would have an efect of dispersion to be perfect. Congratulations!!!

mihaius wrote: First of all it takes much longer to render. I have a Quad9400 and it renders very slow. Second - the blur amount is too high in the reflections. But well... if used only on gemstones (very simple geometry without smoothing) it renders fast. I guess the fog multiplier should be a little higher. It looks pretty nice. Can you send me a sample scene (the one on this site) with a gemstone and a rendered image to compare render times? I'm curious about some things. I would rate this with 9, but someone rated it with 0 without any reason.. so I'll give it a 10. Good luck!

donjapo wrote: Un buen color y es relajante

masoodahmed wrote: Thanks, nice material

BBBBBB wrote: thanks!!!

dickie_ilagan wrote: thanks

_sere wrote: i'd like to rate this with 9..my mouse doesn't work very well...sorry...and beautiful material!!!

sedona wrote: beautiful !

ashtar01 wrote: dont worry...Thanks for vote :)

jakob_26 wrote: sorry man i didnt see the word pale i give you 10 point for that thanks for sharing

richter wrote: Any users like much to make malicious comments...Ignore her.Beautiful material.thanks!

ashtar01 wrote: for percydaman: nothing amazing???NEVER will be......you wants amazing?make YOURSELF better.......

percydaman wrote: nice, nothing amazing

ashtar01 wrote: auto-vote....lol :P

ashtar01 wrote: 7 again?strange....nice....

ashtar01 wrote: ouch! zero?why?

ashtar01 wrote: Thanks for votes!! ;)

aheg wrote: just beautiful. much thanks.

mostafatud wrote: Thank you very much

ashtar01 wrote: Far be it from me to threaten,Chesire Cat.Only i want more respect with my hard work like all.Anyone is obliged contribute here neither I nor you,anyone.With the votes is the same.Vote who wants,simple.i'm not depend on the voting.If i was,no submitted nothing here.Thanks for spend a little of your time voting in my material ;)

Chesire Cat wrote: nice work - but no threats please. Contribute if you like but don´t make it dependable on the voting! :D

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