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 the matrix has you...

  the matrix has you... by stephenjone5

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-11-07 14:26:46
Rendertime 00:13:41
System Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500
Vray version vray_adv_150R4_max90
3dsmax version Autodesk VIZ 2008
Comment This is a 50 framed opacity animated material which is tiled and looped. The animation was done in adobe flash and exported as a .AVI (uncompressed). Flash is a great tool to create animations, especially if you want to bring your textures to life. I've included the .FLA file if you want to have a closer look. In Max, Drag the animation bar across to preview the animation. For a faster animation render delete the falloff from the blend material, and reduce the vray light-mat. This material looks effective if you have the environment black and map it to everything in an interior scene. Note, this is a bigger file than normal as it has the .AVI attached. Hope you all enjoy! =D

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image22 wrote: good


KAWSAR HAMID wrote: Fantastic

compadre wrote: nice

Mjolnir32Z wrote: thanks

rsx459 wrote: Great Work!

ernesto0335 wrote: thanks

Mykal_10 wrote: nifty

mayrhofer97 wrote: NICE

g420 wrote: how can I use this material?

jediknight wrote: This looks nice but.. I get only white material in the material editor and render. In the viewport it looks okay tho.

ElisabethDesign wrote: This looks amazing! Good job!

uturn wrote: cool

halohuntr wrote: looks quite heavy on the hardware but very awesome!

Mashiboro wrote: thx guy !!

evrie wrote: can i get the same effect if im doing a picture rendering, not animation? i cant get the same effect :(

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

FreekOne wrote: Brilliant !

shobhit224 wrote: good

Allien wrote: nice and fun good job

Gürkan wrote: good

kru_dave wrote: thaNK

mihaius wrote: Thanks for the idea of animated textures exported from Flash. I also work with Flash and I am glad you attached the .fla file. The symbol animation should've been made on at least 2 layers, with different speeds. Why don't you make another one more complex and post it? :D Very nice work.

TIMka01 wrote: very interesting Mtl!!!! Will use it...:-)

Divisor wrote: Good job!

nebi wrote: nice1

nebi wrote: nice1

min ha jo wrote: fantastic!!

lewis91 wrote: wow!

fudaryli wrote: im a matrix fan good job

Rfavn wrote: I'll use it for previews... It'll be great!!! Thanks!!!!!

Sigaar wrote: wow!

spotbit wrote: great work!!!

stephenjone5 wrote: Thanks... Glad you like it, cheers! ;-)

tom86 wrote: saw a tutorial yesterday where they project an avi using a light... But this is even better :D

zisteau wrote: Awesome!

zisteau wrote: Awesome!

konkan wrote: exelente!!

gskrc wrote: I liked this material

gskrc wrote: I liked this material

gskrc wrote: i

vascotur wrote: muy bueno!!

gjenerali wrote: 8.4

Tumzza wrote: WOW!!Super cool

xuyunke123 wrote: very interesting!

VortexDragon wrote: great!!!!!!!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

e2g wrote: very cute love it!!

steventengwar wrote: Cool

neur0 wrote: cool material

mrdavis wrote: that's pretty cool

fa-mo wrote: thank you

RFPROVIDEO wrote: from venezuela

kepeduh wrote: wow... never thought of adding an .avi to a material. i shall learn from it.. great stuff.

bestvex wrote: thanks for sharing the material

stephenjone5 wrote: Mateusz: Good thinking! I shall experiment...

Mateusz wrote: I like it, but it still looks very unnatural (yeah). I guess that originally each line of code moved at a different speed, which gave a better effect than just a rolling texture ;)

stephenjone5 wrote: cryptocid: I'll only respect your opinion If you at least explain... so please explain...

cryptocid wrote: good idia,but not perfect~

Vern_S wrote: Very Cool!!!!

ghost91 wrote: 10

aheg wrote: w o w!

kikkonius wrote: Great

prodiger07 wrote: stephenjone5, thanks for material ;)

stephenjone5 wrote: Thanx ashtar01... Much appreciated! ;-)

stephenjone5 wrote: Thanx ashtar01... Much appreciated! ;-)

reinoks wrote: Not bad ! Not bad at ALL !

ashtar01 wrote: 5 Points...Envy pure.Bad users which vote low without motive, they must be more skilled for act in this way...Forgot it... Your material is fantastic!Congratulations :)

logesh_v wrote: gr8 work.....keep it up dude...superb!!!!

stephenjone5 wrote: Then is there a reason for the 5 Points? :-/

Ashik Mohamed wrote: Your Service helps lots of users

EliosART wrote: niiiiiiiiiiice! :-)

onderb wrote: ye i have rc 5 maybe i setup again

martian_aphid wrote: very clever, well done

Chesire Cat wrote: nice job - thx

stephenjone5 wrote: onderb: vrayblendmtl is one of the latest v ray materials in version ...Vray Advanced 1.50 R3 for 3dsMax 9... do you have this latest version? what 3d version of 3dsmax are you using?

Ushlak_Morante wrote: awesome

onderb wrote: this nice but if i open max says that missing dlls and file name vrayblendmtl material so how can i use special effect materials help me pls

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