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Absolute car paint

  Absolute car paint by polymorph

Category Automotive
Date 2006-09-05 19:08:57
Rendertime 00:07:13
System AMD Dual core 4200+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment This is my best car paint material. The colour are controled by the falloff and the speckle map. Enjoy!!

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freakyyyy wrote: nice!

Banano wrote: eyyy :) como puedo usar el material en 3dmax, primer dia, disculpa

dragman88 wrote: 5

sarahwhg wrote: easy to modify, a good real life paint

locoroco wrote: thank you- beautiful!

kiklop79 wrote: nice, very nice...

yoonasts wrote: i am lucky man

saqib3d wrote: nice and good materials for car paint

TGeorge wrote: It`s a good material!

moadib wrote: super bon 10

solemyr22 (BANNED) wrote: yes..speckle is to strong

mau wrote: Very flexible as color changing goes and the pearly shine is great! THANX!!

ApeiNe wrote: really nice pearly carpaint right here (:

neuron wrote: Great work man!!.. Very nice pearl effect . . .

pat wrote: Thank you! Nice mat.

HeaT wrote: Nice Paint, but speckle is to strong

hermanform wrote: Very nice. I would like to get a rendertime hint when you post mats. Some are fast and others increase render time considerably. Also does anyone have a Car Glass mat. like 50s and 60s cars, green and brown tones. Keep up the excelent work dudes and babes

visualride wrote: Put some hydrolics on that thang and let it thump! Thanks.

dmv007 wrote: Excellent!!!! Great.- :D Thanks

dmv007 wrote: Excellent!!!! Great.- :D Thanks

arapisq wrote: is it cg or real ?! u did great job you really did

0utsider wrote: I give u 9 rate points...great stuff!

fmell wrote: good mat :)

dmv007 wrote: beaty, beuty. :D

Banshee wrote: Oh surprises... looking forward to it. ;)

marcelo.perini wrote: looks good. aint the speckle to strong?

polymorph wrote: Many thanks Banshee, your materials are fantastic too!! Tomorrow more... surprises!! :P

Banshee wrote: Wow. That´s a great one...!!! Thanks for sharing...

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