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 Blue Apatite

  Blue Apatite by ashtar01

Category Transparent
Date 2007-11-02 14:32:36
Rendertime 00:10:09
System INTEL/P4 2.27GHZ
Vray version 1.5 RC5
3dsmax version R9 SP1
Comment An Gemstone. Use only gemstones models otherwise very increase rendertime.Enjoy with my first material ; )

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cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

Justo.cnArte wrote: thanks

cruzzot wrote: esta bueno

xenxkis wrote: nice material!

mk207 wrote: thank you

mihaius wrote: I would worry about the glossiness. Google some Apatite gems and you'll see this difference. Pretty good although.

miweiler wrote: Very nice transparent effects! Thank you for sharing!

BBBBBB wrote: its good thank's

elhadi wrote: its good thank's

vse wrote: super

bojanav wrote: looks great

sniperji wrote: so sorry for that ! I'm userd Max8.0 .I don't know .Can I open it ?

ButterNinja wrote: Cool transparency effects - Looks very precious mineral-y. can It do caustics?

juanmcarulla wrote: what do u care about what gurudatt said, ur material is great and u know it!! so keep on the nice work

ashtar01 wrote: Please,what's problem?Any error?Please, say for me... This material was created in 3dmax 9 and vray 1.5 RC5 for 3Dmax9

sajni13 wrote: how to download ur mat plz help me

Vanish wrote: Really cool, good job 8)

sedona wrote: so beauty !

ashtar01 wrote: i am almost losting the desire of share other gemstones or any stuff because of peoples like this(gurudatt)....rate low e dont explain why...vote without think....what a pity.....

ashtar01 wrote: rate 5???why?

littleprince000 wrote: thanks

Nicopoli wrote: good

ashtar01 wrote: 7. ok....good....

ashtar01 wrote: Thanks for votes peoples !!! ;)

enigmaenigma wrote: perfec material man!! tahnks for this material!!

ashtar01 wrote: Thanks for votes :) Here I use fake refraction, because 3d programs no refraction correctly, same with perfect gemstone model.

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