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planet earth

  planet earth by stephenjone5

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-10-31 18:37:15
Rendertime 00:05:10
System Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500
Vray version vray_adv_150R4_max90
3dsmax version Autodesk VIZ 2008
Comment This material has an effect attached to it to give a atmosphere effect. Merge the effect from the effects menu. The material is already set up for the effect.

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msvera wrote: thankx

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

k00l wrote: how the hell do i know which effect to choose from the rendering > effect?!

brahkage wrote: nice

se-a wrote: cool

steveboreli.au wrote: Very interesting. nice job man!

jakshybekoff wrote: how to add this material? I can't do it vs standard way

jakshybekoff wrote: how to add this material? I can't do it vs standard way

charli23 wrote: coollll

francois706 wrote: how instlklka files lzv please indications

donjapo wrote: Our Planet in good times

RonaldoSales wrote: i'm impressed to notice how a similar (altough in a very low res scene) effect was produced in Twinsen's Odyssey, about twelve years ago. But again, this is for now old geezers like me :p excelente Mat, friend!

bortnovsky wrote: cool

alexjit3d wrote: err how do you apply the atmosphere? there is an lzv file in there.. what effect do i apply it to??

qwon wrote: fine

alezx wrote: thanx!

stephenjone5 wrote: I've included the atmosphere in the zip file. You can merge the effect from the effects menu... rendering > effects

littleprince000 wrote: thanks

carpzone wrote: Can't get the atmosfeer to work ?

carpzone wrote: Can't get the atmosfeer to work ?

fa-mo wrote: good material

sk88er wrote: mega cool

SubBear wrote: Cool! I like it!

higor.f.ribeiro wrote: Very good material

Chesire Cat wrote: WOW - thx

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