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  grass by logesh_v

Category V-Ray Fur
Date 2007-10-25 11:54:49
Rendertime 00:22:48
System intel pentium d, 2gb ram
Vray version vray 1.5
3dsmax version max 9
Comment grass with small pebbles.i have included vray fur settings and vray displacement settings

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FORKAS wrote: gracias

banzkung01 wrote: thx

ArquiRenders wrote: Nice, Thanks.

selm27 wrote: Gracias!

cesarmtz038 wrote: love it.

shineesh Varghese wrote: Thanks

zeydiqui1 wrote: LOVE IT!!

nourha wrote: what a great material

othmanalshorafa wrote: good

TutiEncinas wrote: Thank You for this!

sadden wrote: excellent! ty

Hamdzal wrote: Wow this is amazing, thanks!

timchen wrote: thanks

amalia_gdc wrote: thanks

heshamm07 wrote: ty

richard25 wrote: genial

Patrick22 wrote: thanx

nicole_moreno_ wrote: muy bien

askelias_ wrote: This is amazing!


JMc wrote: good

keskindere wrote: thanks mate

lapesh wrote: thanx bro

adidotp wrote: amazing!

zizi8614 wrote: thanks

adidotp wrote: thanks

paolo76 wrote: grazie

mikearmp wrote: Thanx !!!

marakis wrote: thanks!

k547abd31 wrote: THX!!!!!!!!!!!

archvio wrote: thats a nice grass material

Mjolnir32Z wrote: thanks

3DSOLIDFORM wrote: Thank you!

sdmdsysg wrote: Thank you !!!

ik595859 wrote: Goog work bro...

nanama2 wrote: Thank you !

edmunditto wrote: Thank you!

ashaousl wrote: Tnk uuui

adarhyme wrote: fine ;)

ernesto0335 wrote: thanks.

hpf wrote: thanks man!

puneg3 wrote: thanks man!

akynxs wrote: Thanks

kolma wrote: gracias

AST wrote: Thanks, great material

raul_solano wrote: Que buenos aportes

bayoyo wrote: ^^

Ayhamfaki wrote: thanks

waxped wrote: great material!!

16066650 wrote: ohhhh yes, thank you!

sannsama wrote: Lovely, thanks!

yarv wrote: thnx!

devourer wrote: very thanks

Natik1 wrote: thanks

ugurozalemdar wrote: thanks

tiaranalimas wrote: sooo cute! thanks

yuentony93 wrote: Thanks

SALAHK wrote: very realistic wow cool

eduardogabrielyepez wrote: like

schreck wrote: wow this so cool, thanks

rajeevtkth wrote: thnkssss

imonaa wrote: thnk you

jordanmthr wrote: Thanks

lenafine wrote: Thank you

tonyblack wrote: Genial cool

serialvision wrote: will give it a try, looks promising

henry lordheco wrote: very realistic and cool

dehamz23 wrote: Thanks

dawiebowo wrote: Thanks

onurbalistic wrote: THANKS

bruberthier wrote: nice

marc_palmen wrote: Very realistic!

paylasim wrote: good job i apply the settings on the vrayfur and the result is perfect

Dejure wrote: dsaas

recore83 wrote: excellent product

zubairkhan6412 wrote: good

hpf wrote: Hi, To use this material you need to apply a v-ray fur to a plane. First create a plane in your scene then select v-ray from the create menu and click on vray fur (plane must be selected). Then open the folder of this material and apply the settings the creator of this material is using. Thanks Mahmoud Abozaid

mcnarrin_89 wrote: grate fur material

elrubs wrote: Nice!

ouyanik wrote: good

asephenhen wrote: wow keren

herrroykeane wrote: could you guys help me .. i dont know how to use these materials.. i mean.. i import the mat library and apply to the objet, but when it comes to render.. i dont get the desired result, could you please help me? thanks.

mrparn1 wrote: love it

solomon (BANNED) wrote: Thalaa.. Top la irukeenga.. No.1

ncls28 wrote: ok

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

xyfrost wrote: i love it, thanks.

jluis.pinet wrote: The best grass ive seen! Cheers

didi57 wrote: cool

kasios26 wrote: thanks alot for sharing

fratermalou wrote: collest grass mat ever

omergunduz wrote: It looks great

tusharsoft wrote: i love it

andresevargas wrote: perfect!

diego1280 wrote: awesome thanks

oscarnava1979 wrote: Excelente!

ranubiorocha wrote: Thanks! ;)

logesh_v wrote: thank u all for ur wonderfull support...

space_archi wrote: thanks

falaah wrote: WOW! It is so real!

shark_221 wrote: Thanks, Nice material.

sinanozkara wrote: thank you

foxbullbee wrote: very cool

elefar wrote: good 10 points

megatronX wrote: tq, very appreciate ur work and sharing...u help alot peoples here.. u r nice~ tq again.

megatronX wrote: tq, very appreciate ur work and sharing...u help alot peoples here.. u r nice~ tq again.

etouille wrote: dsds

feder031 wrote: awesome

garymanalo wrote: awesome...

garymanalo wrote: awesome...

EdiServerova wrote: Good =)

rafaelpombo wrote: valeu

clavier2 wrote: nice design keep up the good work

danny_gtz93 wrote: Alguien que me diga como usar eso de v-ray fur nadamas no lo puedo configurar/some one help me with the v-ray fur i dont know how i put that

parkey2014 wrote: Thanks!!!

alphaomega2k wrote: Awesome! and really thank you for fur parameters roolout - now the scene is perfect!

licho wrote: dzięki

ainul88 wrote: good

panara wrote: very nice

anibaljim wrote: thanks

jonywalker wrote: i cant put the grass in the model, someone help pls


imhotepp wrote: nice material, thanks a lot

abed174 wrote: noob

ren566 wrote: nice 1

Esteban91 wrote: very nice

portia1992 wrote: Thanks!!!nice

FreeDiem wrote: awesome

FreeDiem wrote: awesome

rmtzsi wrote: i cant put it in my model someone help me D:

ali57 wrote: thank you

sowkula wrote: Good very good

yaya34 wrote: tebrikler harika

cyberbug28 wrote: nice one

douxbass wrote: This material can be used on vray mac? c4d?

ANBROSA wrote: like

Ahmed Shoman wrote: =)

emre.arabaci wrote: great !

Bunfreakmy wrote: This grass is great and very good

filip_arq wrote: probando

friasjuan wrote: like it

hassan_sadik wrote: thank you it nice

wyn85 wrote: like it

nuiblackedit wrote: thx

hantu wrote: so nice N tq

Ben Dhief Bilel wrote: very nice

nguyen_vu83 wrote: why ??? i can't use it i installed Vray i used 3ds max 2010 it still not work my *.mat only color is black please help me

aehambitar wrote: great

andreluis wrote: lindo

srinivasdimensions22 wrote: nice grass ,.... Keep it up

CADESCOBAR wrote: Excellent¡¡¡¡

bhavesh_88 wrote: good 1

gatussin wrote: (Y)

Hawler wrote: Please answer me.....how can i use .mat file???? whats this??

onurtasan wrote: why the hell I am getting gravel with this? instead of grass???

mhmd shafi wrote: nice!!!

Chitranshi wrote: On downloading the grass texture why i am not getting the mat file ,please tell how i should download grass texture with mat file ,please reply...

radgawry wrote: exactly what I was looking for... :)

dinualegz wrote: verry good job guys ! i like this one a lot !!!

j0mwanch wrote: This awesome

fcbschwein wrote: it's so good and i can't wait

titoo1980 wrote: nice grass i need this thank you

chetan.anim wrote: how to use these files can somebody tell me plsssss????????????????

Reydarvi wrote: Impresionant

javadalert wrote: fine

alfex wrote: Thank you. I´m going to test the material, it looks fine. I rate it with 6 points.

mikele007 wrote: For all who search the grass :-) - Ungroup the main objekt if you have the main object - Go to geometry rider and choose under vray the vrayfur - the main objekt has now the fur - Give vrayfur the material "grass_fur" from the download - Take the changes describe in the "vray-fur-settings.jpg" - Render and there is it

mikele007 wrote: Run under max2010 and vray 2.2. Need 15 minutes (intel 8 Cores a 2.64 GHz and 12 GByte ram)

dinoeicher wrote: and where's the grass???

robinson81 wrote: thanks

ramanan1109 wrote: this is just awesome Logesh!!!

halken wrote: great

mebinvarghese wrote: good

mebinvarghese wrote: good

Fil3 wrote: can someone put a tutorial, step by step how to apply the material, plz? I am not able to do this for max 2012.

willouka wrote: very nice!

kjmistu wrote: thank you

nismod wrote: Awesome, thanks!

jakosunny wrote: real look...!

bloodi wrote: Beautifull! Thank you

sukhi wrote: good green

santralajans wrote: thanks

mahmoud2012 wrote: good matirial

emad1983 wrote: 10 points

9reinas wrote: lol XD

crys96 wrote: Grass..Wow

cveliz wrote: Awesome! Thank you!

souzza10 wrote: Really a great material

cherryeyedgirl wrote: I went crazy doing vray settings and stuff.. this is a life saver thank you!!!

praew wrote: *-*

macris_langga wrote: love it...

photography_smart wrote: wowww great

Djjeri wrote: excelent material, safe my day and offer a really higher good looking for a project. Thanks.

detarenji wrote: amazing.. thx

Thaifarmer wrote: สุดยอด

koymaks wrote: amazing

rambo anas wrote: nice :)

groupeea wrote: how nice !

HUSEYN wrote: good job

ErnyES wrote: How does it works? plz post a little tut

manasi wrote: Only d above age is getin dwnloaded n nt d texture image...cant use d texture...plzz help..

imeyer wrote: No grass, only pebbles here.

diegoarki wrote: p.s. 9 points

diegoarki wrote: thx , god material

pgomez wrote: great definition!!thankyou!

ravibadiani wrote: thank u

rscaia wrote: YEAH! GREAT!

gbogdan wrote: thanks

abdelsk wrote: thank you..

Rexhms wrote: sorry, 10 points!!

99deva wrote: great

warlock3d wrote: Fast and looks great as well...

april8 wrote: total awesomeness !

madhavsutar wrote: 8 points

elitansen wrote: good stuff mate

kolo wrote: great !!!!

sabmike wrote: great :D

rcrarchitect wrote: cool mat... congrats, i am gonna use it!

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

clmcdona16 wrote: hi everyone um i downloaded this but im not sure on how to use it with rhino.. any suggestions? because there is no jpeg of just the material

clmcdona16 wrote: wow this is intense.. in a good way :)

kentir wrote: merci

Jems wrote: I rated this 9 points

donahrouch wrote: Boss

detarenji wrote: wow, amazing... :)

architektu wrote: finaly a desent grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weffer wrote: thanks, like it so far =)

aunzeza wrote: goodddddd

juanex6 wrote: muahhaha

noooploy wrote: I want to try, I am just a beginner. Thank you

luxye wrote: :) thanks!

uttar wrote: wowww

dave ariguin wrote: perfect!

angelip wrote: nice.. very realistic :)

Frienddesign wrote: Vary GOOD!!!!

Chosskar wrote: Wow thanks for include the settings!

MaxMaker3D wrote: Very Nice

kianlauchina wrote: very nice ,thanks!

Pomerol wrote: Extra !

devon wrote: thanks

xuabaka wrote: ;/ The grass texture aren't there when i opened. could you sent me ?

gusteivor wrote: great work...

roro35 wrote: thanx

FDisk wrote: impossible to render such material on big models

arkivisuals wrote: great work man...keep it up=) you deserve 10 for that...

osedcas wrote: awesome!

Daiox wrote: cooll

logesh_v wrote: here u can find step by step tutorial for vray grass... http://www.vray-materials.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=1937&pid=9278#pid9278

lediankondi wrote: this is a great pic but the material doesn't work... why?

kingsley wrote: rated this material with 10 points

ccoughlin4 wrote: its real patchy, u can see right thru the fur, please help

ccoughlin4 wrote: its real patchy, u can see right thru the fur, please help

ccoughlin4 wrote: everytime i follow everystep, even the link posted also it shuts down 3ds max when i render, and the only thing in the drawing was a plane

ccoughlin4 wrote: please help with this matl. i followed the parameters and still not showing in my render. its an incredable matl and would love to use

abedxmasx00962 wrote: thanks

dilpreetsingh wrote: thankx

logesh_v wrote: here u can find step by step tutorial for vray grass... http://www.vray-materials.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=1937&pid=9278#pid9278

hendra81 wrote: good

crisblogster wrote: Perfect grass material!

Cosplay wrote: thanks

austin_1st wrote: it's really work

Merlin wrote: cool

erdinc wrote: great material, thanks!

lek15 wrote: great material, thanks!

milky62 wrote: how to make this material???

filmilm wrote: Thank you very Much

cgsapiens wrote: good

yuanitaoctavianti wrote: looks like this kind of grass seems real. can't wait to try

pirrits wrote: its god

Pepeberta wrote: excelent

SULFI7861 wrote: its nice thank you

holzeminster wrote: Thanks a lot =))

takethepowerback wrote: cool!! Thank you!!!

miodragst wrote: please someone explain how it works? tnx

michelsantos10 wrote: its great!!! i like it... it looks like my garden

pauli12 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

stp_kn1 wrote: good thank

midoo55 wrote: i give it a 1 , becase the resilt is not like the photo , what's the point of it when i can't make it work

daxiongji wrote: hi

Totò wrote: good good gooD!! :)

nachi wrote: Thx so much

Jennyned wrote: super!

MagFer wrote: That's a very good material

tavinoon wrote: wonderful

lerthai wrote: Thank you vrey much

misswhiplash wrote: This will be great for my exteriors, thanks....

dAnDyFaIrY wrote: How do I use this? There are two different materials. Please reply

henryim wrote: very good grass

mouhamed ali wrote: thanks

eakarch wrote: *-*

mk1995 wrote: amazing look~!...thanks~

Thitewat wrote: good and easy use thank you very much.

kisi wrote: good

abughaly wrote: That Nice

gunoa wrote: cool

blubup wrote: amazingg!

josschoc wrote: so good "!

rahu wrote: can i have it?

rahu wrote: can it be used in max 9? It's very good.

maxvray wrote: rated this material with 10 points

borisquezadaa wrote: I'm wondering if i could use this for max 8 ... XD.

witngsrvray wrote: nice grass

bernard_tan wrote: very nice material ...... can't find other place, look real.....

Isa wrote: Very nice material 10 points!

elarund wrote: thanks!

gredsai wrote: I love it *-*

jhanphillipco wrote: Very nice material. =)

jr.dsign wrote: very nice

min ha jo wrote: The best material !!!

Smokalot wrote: I am from Nicaragua, Central America and this tutorial is great... the best one... congratulation, thanks you.....

Axerz wrote: Crazy grass!~ Thanks

Matys wrote: The best material !!! 10 pints

stefanpetras wrote: :)

obernal wrote: PS BTW, I solemnly swear I search A LOT in the site to find some clue with no luck at all. best regards

obernal wrote: Hi, I'm new to vray and I du no how to use this mat, I have the correct version of max, the correct version of vray, but I'am new to all this, the mat I get is like a glass or plastic, I see the pic on the file with displacement setting but I dont understend how to apply them, I am using the sample scene from materials.de so *i suppose to find the same elements on the window but nop, is there some one who had tried this mat to help? BIG thanks

xaymitb wrote: this must be heaven in green!

chepoman wrote: the best!!!!!

Outcast wrote: excellent

lordnormanfoster wrote: why can't i get this result? In my scene, this looks really bad

nazdarjelinku wrote: Good job man, I am going to try it!

nazdarjelinku wrote: Good job man, I am going to try it!

pnyagolov wrote: Briliant!

princesa87 wrote: I would like to see like it is the grass

princesa87 wrote: fd

baongogia wrote: thanks friend !!!

marius79 wrote: i posted 10 before i read the comment. gave 10 because of the look of the grass which is done with fur.

shivraj wrote: good one.looks nice

caevieira wrote: Very good

elsevier wrote: Super!!!

kobee wrote: Very gooood!

nikoragua wrote: very cool

openass wrote: Good

angel_ibiki wrote: very great, super cool.

elphoma wrote: lo necesito de veras

piyushmay wrote: ohh .. that's realy cool .. thanks lot :)

heydnalamand wrote: garang

qpqpqpya wrote: good!

Farwla wrote: wonderfull

mr_magoo wrote: Very nice

hernyxx1 wrote: I until now gona use this one

ayip09 wrote: oh NOOOO! very natural!

giuliama wrote: Wow!!!! I's wonderful!!!

davidcasenave wrote: amazing

JHalton wrote: Scale issues? What size plane does this need applying to? How many Length Width Segments? I cant get this result!

astorre wrote: the best grass on vray-materials.de , great job thx

Techs wrote: Woah awesome material. It must have been hard as hell to do it.

dingland wrote: Let me work easier.

wardz wrote: very realistic!!!just what i needed...many thankz!!!

wardz wrote: very realistic!!!just what i needed...many thankz!!!

fdghd wrote: perfect ! thank you

cristo_dc wrote: espectacular...muy bueno

carlosagrelo wrote: 10 points

rudua wrote: 20 points!!! :)

rudua wrote: 20 points!!! :)

ThalionX wrote: Its not easy to find a quality grass mat but this is definitely one of them ....10 points!

oktayt wrote: thanks....

miraloquemehicistehacer wrote: excelent, Its nice that you share your brilliant work with us. Ill give you 10points, thanks.

miraloquemehicistehacer wrote: excelent, Its nice that you share your brilliant work with us. Ill give you 10points, thanks.

kelcaesar wrote: very nice grass, reminds me of the green green grass of home & my lawnmower

knightmare0 wrote: good job including the settings

Hania Fehmi wrote: thanks nice efforts

mik4r wrote: great one keep up!

bogoluca wrote: muy bien.Felicitaciones

sushant.otari wrote: its look real

makhly wrote: it's v.nice

alex2008 wrote: This material surely deserves 10 point

Chakotay wrote: thats crazy good

denispaganini wrote: very nice mat... thx man

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 9pts

dioxyd wrote: This material surely deserves 10 point ;)

ish251086 wrote: thats wiked man..thanks

infernoacid wrote: holy crap batman! nice work :D

iffi213 wrote: thanx i ve been searching for

aQiLL wrote: good texture

jejanella wrote: tnx ha!

pimp89 wrote: :) it looks nice on the pic up there but i really need to learn how to use it in my scenery here froom me 10 points

darthpoh wrote: Very Nice work dude! Thank you very much!!!

plagz2 wrote: thank you!

xtrex wrote: your the one im looking for thanks alot this will help

krashik wrote: y5

dokolei wrote: if i use priginal material 3ds go for vray render wat will happen if error msg appear for the pic came out? mental ray easy or vray earyier? well confuse.....god

dokolei wrote: new user for vray not much know obot vray can any one help ? just wanna know how to render a pic with realistic....setting

douran72 wrote: very nice grass!!! thanks!

duds.m wrote: Great solution... in most cases grass don't look like real

Skezente wrote: It looks perfect...thank you very much!

semkin777 wrote: 10 points

conrado_mg wrote: very good

otra wrote: just i need, good job ;)

sleva51 wrote: nice rendering very good job

nsrmini wrote: good

alekson20 wrote: rated this material with 9 points

alekson20 wrote: rated this material with

gnarkill wrote: very nice! thanks!

fulkrum wrote: Wow, I didn't know that you can make fur effects in Vray. Good job!!!

3dsmaxer wrote: thx mate! 7,5p


makevu wrote: Excellent shader!

alex_skt7 wrote: great stuff

isedhel wrote: grass is so good, stones in the other hand... ;)

gobineitor wrote: it looks great, i´ll test it, i need some like this now, thanx

jenniferjeyakumar wrote: its cute

amaama wrote: great! thank you!

suji wrote: cool man

Marfy wrote: Молодец!

automat0r wrote: great

breekbiet wrote: Looks good

MyndPhreak wrote: awesome grass tex. Looks real =)

butamacho wrote: Perfect solution, perfect work

dymkers wrote: REewelka

HHH wrote: thanx alot

JHalton wrote: Takes an age to render.

mmalachy wrote: Wonderful, thank you logesh y.

spuperlegoman wrote: :O oh here you are superman

powerpuff wrote: perfect. thank you!

Funerario wrote: It Looks like very real. congratulations

DarkNéo wrote: Trop fort la pelouse!!! :-D 10/10

logesh_v wrote: @apple_muncher24 pls look properly...the zip file includes my vray fur settings and displacement settings screenshot.....

apple_muncher24 wrote: soz that was meant to be on another grass by capp... :) nice mat

apple_muncher24 wrote: Why didn't you include vray fur settings?>!?!?! or Vray displacement settings for that matter?!?!

Clayman wrote: Rally great!

mrdavis wrote: this is great

Eric Sosa wrote: nice...but it works manily close shots

demon_1987 wrote: purr-fect.

saszaszosa wrote: fenomenal material

juan_diegocm wrote: GREAT!

prasadgupta26 wrote: its good to see this i am searching something like this tanks

asdrm wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

tomap wrote: thanks.

archilibre2 wrote: thanks for this good laterials

yakuta wrote: yeahh!!! with this I'll hope finish my stadium 3d

mojtaba wrote: best

Xylber wrote: Awesome Job!

CADinho wrote: Nice one! 10k

bibimeo wrote: good 10 points

stephenjone5 wrote: I could have done with this a little while ago... cheers! :-)

mic1109 wrote: asdfsfsdfds

anime_t wrote: nice one

locuracapilar wrote: very reelistic!

MayFawzy wrote: quite realistic thanks it helps a lot

benitoben wrote: thanks logesh. good job.

Exno wrote: @63RM4N This material is not damaged at all... works perfectly fine for me.

Th3 ProphetMan wrote: best vray grass ive seen gj!!

63RM4N wrote: This material is damage. Please remove.

63RM4N wrote: This material is damage. Please remove.

through0914 wrote: good! it's useful thank u:)

chaos wrote: Really impressive!! Thank you so much

Limp wrote: very nice piece of work !!

merrynation wrote: looks very nice

Natalia wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Natalia wrote: rated this material with 10 Points. Good

martian_aphid wrote: which is in the preview, fur or disp?

jzratm wrote: best one i've seen so far, thanks for sharing

ebola wrote: just a perfect sward not a real natural grass, but as it is... the best what i saw... if you could make some randomly different shaped and flat real grass (i mean all fiber...), i could give you 15 point or 20...!

Ushlak_Morante wrote: one of the best grass materials so far, ive only ever seen a few better than this

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