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 used bubble wrap

  used bubble wrap by stephenjone5

Category Plastics
Date 2007-10-19 17:00:51
Rendertime 01:24:36
System Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500
Vray version vray_adv_150R4_max90
3dsmax version Autodesk VIZ 2008
Comment This takes a little while to render but the results are quite realistic...
used bubble wrap plastic

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sakin wrote: thanks

kokuw wrote: wow

freakyyyy wrote: No guys there's better bubble mat go to page 177 and you will find it name of mat : air bubble plastic 01

avatar90 wrote: is the material most incredible that i ever seen

uturn wrote: cool

piamdicn wrote: wow! really amazing!

base64 wrote: wow

Jarod27 wrote: Great job!

evvekiss wrote: 10

annia wrote: super! thnx

hackboy27 wrote: 10+1, works great! =o)

snaily wrote: woooooooooooooooow fantastic! I don`t know how can i use it, but i`m just impressed so much!

rojasvalderrama wrote: thnks ,,,,thannkssss

mihaius wrote: I'm a little worried about the IOR and refractions.

zkarraw wrote: nice

rayramn wrote: Its a good job by stephenjone5 did this one

pj2966 wrote: thank you

Vichan.c wrote: thank

mamuco wrote: wenisimo

konglha wrote: very create

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Awesome stuff, really great material.

dy wrote: Amazing

iffi213 wrote: great texture thanx for posting

stephenjone5 wrote: have you tried relocating the bitmaps in the material editor? Sometimes they dont always show up atomaticly...

casan wrote: sorry, I meant I can't

casan wrote: I can open this material..

fa-mo wrote: thank you good work

stephenjone5 wrote: the refraction bitmap sorry...

stephenjone5 wrote: I tried to give a sort of thick layered look rather that a single sheet of bubble wrap. If you wanted to make it look more see through just increase the % of the refraction, and/or brighten the reflection bitmap. Thanx! :-)

andrewjohn81 wrote: the refraction is a little much, but otherwise is great.

stephenjone5 wrote: heheh! Sorry Punk Guy... But go ahead anyway!!! Will be interesting to see yours... :-)

naser wrote: jeje, the result is very good!!

martian_aphid wrote: awesome

PunkGuy wrote: damn! im making the same met! but not used! lol we are thinking the same! nice mat!

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